What To Do If Your Neighbors Dog Doesn’t Stop Barking At Night

by Caitlin

Even the most avid dog lovers become irritated if a neighbor’s dog constantly barks at night. But what can one do considering that it is someone else’s dog? Which steps to take to solve this nuance?

Luckily, there are certain steps you can follow with some effort and diplomacy to solve this problem. 

To begin with, don’t put any blame on the dog; that’s just a dog being a dog, nothing more. Here are some of the most common reasons that will give you a clue as to why do dogs bark at night

  • Certain dog breeds are very protective. Whether they are in the house’s yard, every time they see someone approaching the gateway or walking along the street, they bark. That’s how they are weird, and it is a part of their nature.
  • Bored dogs also tend to bark at night a lot. That is common with dogs left alone in the house during long periods without any toys or anything else that can engage them.
  • Dogs that don’t get enough exercise during the day also get easily restless. That restlessness is often manifested vocally as barking at night.
  • If the dog senses a lot of outside activity, it may get very excited, which soon turns into frustration, which leads to continuous barking.

So, what should you do about it? After all, it is not your dog, and it is up to someone else to address this issue.

The way to approach this matter is through diplomacy and calmness. Try to communicate in a friendly manner; don’t make any assumption or any accusations. Just explain your concerns for you and your family. Most important of all, give them enough time to respond. 

They might be inexperienced and don’t know how to handle their dog’s barking at night. If that’s the case, you can offer your help in finding help. Another possibility is they are away so often from home, or they work a nightshift, and they haven’t noticed that the dog can’t stop barking at night.

Another possibility is that the dog sees you and your family as a threat. If that’s the case, ask your neighbors to come over to your yard and bring the dog to play a bit. That way, the dog will feel less threatened by you. Once the dog is used to the smells, sounds, and sights of its human neighbors, then it may feel calmer, and the barking will stop.

All that is made under one assumption – your neighbor is friendly and will do everything it takes to solve the problem. 

In case your neighbor isn’t cooperating, and the barking continues, you can always contact the local animal control authorities. Other than that, you can always contact the police and explain your problem. A barking dog might not be on top of their priority list, but they should look into that at some point. After all, they are obligated by law to do so.

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