Fun ways to carry water and jog

by Caitlin

We all understand the importance of hydration when carrying out any physical activity like jogging or running. Proper hydration helps to regulate body temperature and keep all parts of the body functioning optimally. However, lots of people don’t carry water when jogging because it feels like a burden.

But it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of fun ways to carry water when jogging. Waist packs are highly recommended, especially the obangbag waist pack. Most people underappreciate waist packs because they feel it’s not stylish. But functionality comes before anything else. You need something that can hold your essentials comfortably and allows you to carry on other activities.

Still have doubts?

Let’s look at fun ways to carry water and jog, shall we?

Best ways to carry water and jog

1. Waist packs:

As mentioned earlier, waists packs are highly underrated, with a lot of misconceptions and fallacies flying all around. A lot of people think it’s outdated and unfashionable. Although it was really popular in the last decade and began to slowly diminish in use as time went by, that doesn’t strip away its functionality.

You have to decide whether you want functionality or style when running. Plus, there are several designer waist packs like the obangbang waist pack that are suited for the modern age style.

2. Hand-held water bottles

If you’re going on a short or medium run, then a hand-held water bottle is your go-to. The best part about this is you don’t have to bother about anything strapped to your hand, so the freedom is there. It’s also easily refillable.

However, a lot of people have issues with this hand-held water bottles, as they complain of imbalance. The easiest way to solve this problem is to run with two equal-sized hand-held water bottles. That way, you not only gain balance but also have more water.

3. Hydration belts

If you’re going on a long-distance run, then a hydration belt should be your go-to. They are very popular among long-distance runners and even everyday joggers. The common design is the two-side holsters for small water bottles.

Some products even come with pockets that can contain a phone, snacks, credit cards, wallets, and other tiny essentials. However, the main issue with this item is that it bounces a lot. If that doesn’t bother you, then you should certainly consider this.

4. Hydration Vests

Hand-held water bottles, waist packs, and hydration belts won’t just cut it for long-distance runs. The capacity of other storage solutions won’t do the needful, so hydration vests are better suited for this purpose.

If it’s a hot region, or you’re running in remote places, hydration vests come in highly recommended. The sizes vary- you can have something as small as a body-hugging torso for two to three hours of physical activity, to a large vest that can carry essentials for days.

What makes a running pack stand out is its fitting ability. It should be fitting but also comfortable. One major problem with hydration vests is that it’s quite difficult to find a size that’s just right. Plus, they can be expensive.

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