Key Considerations When Buying Durable Rattan Lamp

by Caitlin

Most interiors that look stylish and exceptional have an attractive light fixture that’s functional and decorative. With a rattan lamp, you can achieve that quickly without breaking your bank. Alibaba has these lamps in many designs, meaning you can have more than one style for your home. Rattan lamps can be perfect centerpieces over dining tables, kitchen counters, or any other place you find ideal based on your interior style. Some people even prefer putting the lamp in a corner to create a cozy lighting atmosphere. Buying a suitable rattan lamp to complement your space is essential. This extract highlights the things to consider when selecting a durable rattan lamp.

Things to consider as you buy a durable rattan lamp

Purchasing durable rattan lamps is a great milestone, especially if you have started revamping your space, but that alone isn’t enough. There are elements you cannot leave out. Many people assume these considerations because the lamps from Alibaba have an assurance of longevity. However, knowing what to look for lets you settle on a rattan lamp of ideal size, height, and budget. Here is more to that.

Size of the lamp

The interior design of your home determines what size of the lamp to get. The size of your room also matters so the chandelier isn’t too small or overwhelming. Ideally, an ample space needs a large lamp, while a small light fits a smaller room. If you need the lamp as a centerpiece, a bigger size is more appropriate to catch the attention of everyone walking into the area. Such types have intricate designs for visual purposes.

Height of the lamp

Like size, the height of the rattan lamp matters a lot. They often go hand in hand to make a room feel and look great. Several factors affect your choice of light. The two main ones are the height of the ceilings and the uses of the lamp. Small chandeliers aren’t ideal for high ceilings since you can barely see them. They work well with low ceilings where you can enjoy their beauty. Low-hanging chandeliers are perfect for high ceilings and reading. A low-hanging lamp provides ample light to help peruse through books, unlike when high up in the ceiling.


Rattan lamps have different prices. You cannot ignore the design and size as they influence the overall cost. Choose designs within your budget if they fit your space, or add more money to get the desired style and size.


You need to clean all lamps regularly. However, some collect more dust than others meaning they require more maintenance. Big rattan lamps are prone to more dust than the smaller ones so look out for that before buying. This is dependent on your house condition.


Durable rattan lamps are great picks, but you must consider some factors to choose what your space needs. Look out for the size, height, maintenance, and cost. Your house’s interior significantly influences the type of lamp you buy. Also, consider the use of the rattan lamp and the visual representation you want it to bring. Lastly, go for designs that match existing pieces in your home.

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