5 Ideas to Use Beautiful Silk Fake Roses

by Caitlin

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers available in different colors. Nowadays, fake silk roses are being used in most home décor ideas. People can use different Do it Yourself (DIY) ideas to style, design, or use beautiful fake silk roses.

Artificial plants or flowers do not require maintenance and are mostly used for decoration. Fake silk roses are also used in bulk quantities in decorating festive events, weddings, or homes. Here we will discuss some ideas for using fake roses.

Ideas to Use Fake Silk Roses

Silk Roses Wall Art

Beautiful fake silk roses can be used as wall art. Firstly you can design the wall art on a canvas or wooden box using fake roses. After sticking a bunch of fake silk roses on the canvas, you can hang it on the wall as wall art. It looks gorgeous and attractive. You can use same-colored roses or different ones depending on the color and ambiance of the room.

Fill a Perfume Bottle with Small Fake Silk Roses

Another idea for using fake silk roses is that you can take an empty perfume bottle and fill it with miniature fake roses. These small fake roses look very beautiful in the transparent bottle. You can use it as a decoration piece on a shelf or center table. With roses, if you use some green and white fake flowers, it will look beautiful. But before putting the fake silk roses in the perfume bottle, make sure to cut off all the stems from it.

Style Lamps and its Shades

The next idea for using beautiful fake silk flowers is that you can use them to design and style your lamps. You can cover the lamp’s shade with fake silk roses, and when you turn it on, it gives a beautiful rose look on the walls. It can completely change the feeling and look of the room. Now you don’t have to throw or change your old lamp shades.

Fake Silk Roses Ice Cubes

One unique and new idea for using fake silk roses is that you can put the artificial roses in an ice cube box and fill it with water. After filling it with water, you need to freeze it. After some time, when you will see it will be beautiful roses ice cubes. But make sure you use miniature edible roses. It is best for weddings or events.

Style Napkins with Fake Silk Roses

The fake silk roses can also be used to style napkins. You can stick beautiful rose flowers on different napkins with hot glue. It gives a very beautiful style or design to the napkins. You can put these stylish napkins on the dinner table.


Fake silk roses are very beautiful-looking artificial flowers. They are being used in many different decorating ideas. To décor your home, events, or daily use accessories, you should definitely use beautiful fake silk roses to give them a mesmerizing look. Above mentioned unique ideas could be used to style and design with fake roses.

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