Why Is It Okay to Get Fake Roses?

by Caitlin

Buying fake roses for your daughter, friend, significant other, or someone special is widely regarded as a demeaning act. However, the problem is with the tag ‘fake’ attached to the rose. If we assumed that these were artificial roses, maybe we would regard better value to the craft. Fake roses, as we fondly refer to them, have a lot of benefits aside from just being beautiful and looking like real roses. In this guide, we will go over some of the reasons why you shouldn’t feel bad buying fake roses.

1. The thought matters

First things first, when you are purchasing any gift for your friend or someone you love, the thought counts sometimes more than the gift. It is better to buy fake roses and present something than to come empty handed. With the fake roses, that person you love can still tell that you love them merely looking at the gift. Always remember to present the gift you are buying in a beautiful manner to the recipient.

2. Equally as beautiful

One thing about fake roses is they are very beautiful- sometimes even better than actual roses. You may want to ask why? Actual roses depend on the maintenance of the horticulturist who has been growing it. However, the artificial one comes with carefully created processes from the manufacturing brand. Therefore, they know the materials used for the flower and have control over what they want as a final look.

3. It wouldn’t trigger allergies

Many people suffer from one allergy or the other, and the most surprising thing is not many know about their allergies until something triggers it. Plants are famously known to be one of the most common triggers for allergies. If you buy the real rose plant for a friend that has the allergy, they may first appreciate it, but when these allergies come, they may take the plant out of their home. If you bought the artificial one, these allergies will never come forth.

4. You get different options

An actual rose plant only has between one or three options, in which only one of the options is the prevalent one. However, with the artificial roses, you have a number of different options to choose from. You can choose by feeling the rose, checking the color and many other techniques because you have numerous options.

5. It reduces your cost

The most interesting of all advantages of buying an artificial rose is the cost it reduces. You can get artificial roses for about 30% of the cost of the rose plant. Asides the benefits described above, the artificial one does not require continuous watering and maintenance to keep it fresh. That means you are saving yourself stress and time.


If you have ever apologized for purchasing any fake rose for anyone, you can take back your apology. Fake roses even have health benefits, as discussed above, among many other benefits. Luckily, they do not look far away from the original roses. Also, they save you the stress of having to wet a plant in your home everyday and maintain it. You can check this guide again for more reasons to buy fake roses.

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