What Types of Rayon Fabrics Are Available for Purchase?

by Caitlin

We interact with various materials daily through the clothes with wear. Rayon, which is durable and versatile, is one of them. This unique blend of natural materials and synthetic chemicals is beneficial worldwide for various garments and beddings. You can use rayon fabric for several applications since its lightweight, moisture-wicking, and silky. Stores like Alibaba sell it in different forms to suit all buyers. But do you want to know the various types of rayon fabrics available for you to buy? We detail everything you need to know about that in this article.

What are the types of rayon fabrics you can buy?

Rayon is categorized into three forms; viscose rayon, lyocell rayon, and modal fabric. Each has unique characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. That means you can decide to buy either of the choice depending on the project you have at hand. Luckily, each choice guarantees value for money. Read on for a complete understanding of each type.

Viscose rayon

You have probably heard about it before. Viscose is the most popular option of the three. It is made from wood pulp, but manufacturers used silk years ago. Since it’s a very common rayon fabric, people use it in various applications, from clothing to making corded rope. Viscose rayon is strong when dry and weak when wet. You should handle it carefully when washing to prevent damage. In some cases, it shrinks when wet, which is a disadvantage.

Lyocell rayon

This type comes from a mixture of the beech tree and an additional material blend. It is soft with a smooth feel on the skin and environmentally friendly, which is such an attractive feature. Lyocell rayon is ideal for people who sweat a lot or during workouts where other fabrics essentially become wet. This material has a significant role in wicking away moisture, leaving the wearer cool and dry. It is the most absorbent rayon fabric and, therefore, the best for such situations.

Modal fabric

It is made from natural materials blended with fibers like spandex or cotton to form a synthetic fabric. The resulting product is solid and more durable than materials like cotton. Modal fabric is considered a luxury textile, so it is pretty good despite its low popularity. It’s also more expensive than viscose rayon and cotton, so set a higher budget if it’s your ideal fabric. Modal fibers make several items like towels and pajamas, which require regular washing. The strong fibers help withstand rubbing in case of handwashing or weak strands when wet that may destroy the clothing.

In summary

Rayon fabric exists in three forms: viscose, modal, and lyocell rayon. Each kind has benefits and drawbacks you need to familiarise yourself before buying. Modal fabric is the most costly, while viscose rayon is the most popular in the market. Rayon is a fragile fabric when wet, but the material blend in modal rayon makes it solid and durable hence attractive to customers. Let your application guide you on the type of rayon fabric to choose for better and more efficient use.

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