How to Keep Your Silk Roses Beautiful

by Caitlin

A favourite gift for anniversaries and weddings, silk roses have long been the go-to choice for those who want to give a luxurious gift without breaking the bank. But what most people don’t know is that you can also keep your silk rose bouquets looking new by following a few simple steps.

Here are some tips for maintaining the beauty in your fake roses:

Keep them away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity

Silks are not made for outdoor use. They will fade in the sun and can be damaged by rain or high humidity. If you want your silk flowers to last long enough for an outdoor event, bring them inside the day before and store them in a cool place until the big day. It’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight when they’re stored — this will help preserve their colour and shape.

Avoid touching the petals with your fingers or fingernails

Silks are delicate flowers that should be handled gently at all times. Avoid touching the petals of your silk flowers with your fingers or fingernails, as this can cause damage which may become permanent over time. When placing your silk arrangements into vases, use tongs rather than touching any part of the flower with your hands.

Wash with mild soap and water occasionally if needed

You should wash your silk flowers only when they become dirty or dusty. You can use water and mild dish soap to wash them. Rinse them thoroughly in lukewarm water after washing and let them dry completely before placing them back into their vase or container.

Keep them in water

Silk flowers are more likely to wilt if they are not kept in water. To keep your silk flowers looking fresh, store them in a glass of water so that their stems remain moist at all times. If possible, change the water every 1-2 days so that it stays clean. You could also use a special flower food for silk flowers to ensure that they remain healthy and last longer than usual.

Use Water Spritzers

A good way to keep your silk roses looking fresh and beautiful is by using a water spritzer. You can buy one or make one yourself by filling a spray bottle with water and adding 2–3 drops of essential oil (such as lavender or rose) or flower food (available at craft stores). Spray on the flowers occasionally during the day or whenever they start to look dull or lose their color (usually after about four days). This will help keep the flowers fresh longer! You can also mist the leaves of your plants with the same mixture once every week or two during spring and summer months.

Use Silk Flower Food

Silk flower food is used to keep your artificial plants healthy and vibrant-looking. It contains all the nutrients needed for proper growth, including vitamins and minerals. It’s important to apply this product once every two weeks so that your silk flowers have everything, they need to stay strong and healthy.


In addition to watering your silk roses, it is also important to remove any dead flowers as soon as possible. Dead petals quickly get ugly and dirty, so removing them is best done every day or every other day. Be sure not to remove the petals from healthy flowers, just those from dead ones. A good tool for removing dead petals is a pair of scissors. Be sure to disinfect them first so you don’t transfer bacteria which could cause disease problems for your plants.

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