Ways to Care for Your Bamboo Toothbrush

by Caitlin

If you are a new user of the bamboo toothbrush or you get a bamboo toothbrush wholesale, then there are chances that you may be wondering how to care for it. This is especially because they are made from natural and biodegradable materials, unlike their counterparts (plastic toothbrushes).

Read on, to find out how you can take proper care of your bamboo toothbrush.

How To Care For Your Bamboo Toothbrush

After the initial switch from plastic to a bamboo toothbrush, constant worry about long it will last and what kind of special care should be given to it is normal. That said, here are top tips ok how to take good care of your bamboo toothbrush:

1. Avoid Brushing Too Hard

Most people do not understand this part. Now, because it’s made of bamboo doesn’t mean you should brush roughly to achieve clean teeth. Instead of cleaning your teeth, overbrushing will only lead to damage to the upper layers of your teeth’s enamel (causing it to lose its shine) and also spoil your gums.

So, if you want your teeth to retain it’s shine, ensure that you white brushing too hard. Rather, be more gentle and careful while brushing. This is also a faster way to help your toothbrush bristles to remain in avoid the condition.

Preferably, you can use a toothbrush with not just a softer bristle, but also a flexible one. This will work in the gaps and gums in your teeth.

2. Rinse Properly

After you’re done brushing, you can rinse off the toothpaste, debris, and other particles from its handle using clean water. If through overbrushing you’ve bent the bristles, use your fingers to gently bring them back up.

Also, you can just lay the toothbrush on a flat surface to the water drain away. Make sure that you don’t use a cup, or risk allowing bacteria to build upon the bristles.

3. Let it dry after use

Unlike plastic toothbrushes, you should make sure that your bamboo toothbrush dries under natural air after every use. Ordinarily, bamboo contains antibacterial properties and this makes it less prone to germs. However, if you leave it go properly dry, it will stand the test of time, just like your plastic toothbrush.

You can rub the towel on it once you’re done brushing, and leave it on any neat surface to dry.

Should you Change Your Bamboo Toothbrush?

Professional dentists will advise that you endeavor to change your toothbrush once every 2 to 3 months, regardless of the material it’s made of.

If yours is due for a replacement, you should first check and see if it can be recycled. You can use it to wipe the dirt off your bike chains. When you notice that the bamboo toothbrush has exhausted its lifespan, you can dispose of it completely.

Final Thoughts

Caring for your oral health is a necessary step to living a healthy lifestyle. While looking to use a bamboo toothbrush for your teeth, ensure that you take care care of it to avoid attracting complications you.

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