The Magic Of The Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel

by Caitlin

Ever seen a perfect garden? What were the things that made it perfect for you? First, the things that make up a garden. Add a decorative hose reel and you might have a complete package.

A garden usually consists of trees and grass. There is also a lot of soil (for planting), water air, and light (natural, in most cases).

Now that a perfect scenery of a garden is made up in your mind, you should picture what makes the garden a garden. A source of water is a major part of such natural space.

What about the means of watering the plants with the available water? If you did not think of it, a water hose and a suitable hose reel are just the right tools for the job.

Having just a hose may not get you very far from labor, but the presence of the hose reel is the addition that is needed to create perfection.

How Important is a Hose Reel?

Just think about how important the hose reel is. When you have a hose reel, you avoid tripping and falling unnecessarily.

Keep in mind that tripping and falling can cause serious injures mostly in older people. Experience has shown that it can cause even more damages to people who are above the age of 65.

Everyone needs a hose reel. Keep the ground tidy, removes the risk of tripping, and make the art of watering your plants as effortless as possible.

The question that is yet to be answered is: what type of hose reel is best to purchase? Comparing the different types of hose reels will help with the answer.

Which Hose Reel Tops the Chart?

· Hose Pots

Hose pots have a striking resemblance to normal garden pots. This type of reel has a hole at the bottom of the pot that allows the hose to reach out and connect to the spigot.

The hose pot requires that the hose user coils the hose after use and places it inside the pot after each use. A bit labor-intensive for people who just want to do the watering job with ease.

· Hose Reel Cart

This refers to portable carts that are usually wheeled. The wheels are sometimes 2 or 4 depending on the type. This hose reel is made to copy a cart but with an internal reel.

The reel even has a little gardening basket where users can keep some gardening tools. A few of them also come with a tabletop for little garden jobs that require a table.

· Wall Mounted Hose

The wall-mounted hose reel is usually fixed to the side of the house. This is sometimes accompanied by a reel hanger.

The reel hanger enables the wall hose reel to be mounted either perpendicularly or parallel to the wall. It is usually built with different designs that give an artistic vibe to the equipment.

But the wall-mounted stainless steel garden hose reel is particularly suitable to serve in any condition. Just like other wall-mounted hose reels, it maximizes space, easy to use, and easy to maintain.


After carefully comparing these types of hose reels available and it’s safe, here’s the summary. It is safe to say that the wall-mounted stainless steel garden hose reel is most efficient, and is best.

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