How to make the most out of your air purifier

by Caitlin

Getting an air purifier is an investment, and as such, you will want to get a return on the money you have spent. Many people feel like the large air purifier they bought is not worth all the hype when, in an actual sense, they are not using it right. To ensure you get the most out of your air purifier, here are a couple of things you can do.

1. Close the doors and windows

The purifier works on the principle of cleaning the air in the room it is placed in. If the window or door is open, chances are you will have contaminated air coming in all the time. Your purifier will work but not do much because the particles from outside keep getting in. Closing the windows and doors will ensure that all the air in a room gets cleaned.

2. Change the filter regularly

Your purifier works on the principle of trapping dust and dirt particles and releasing clean air. As time goes by, these particles accumulate in the filters, and the filter cannot trap anymore. If the filters are not changed, the particles that went into the filter will still come out with the air. It beats the whole purpose of having the purifier in the first place.

In extreme situations, the purifier will even release some of the particles stuck on its filters which will further contaminate the air coming out. To ensure this does not happen, carry out maintenance on your air purifier. Take out the filters, change them, or wash them if they are washable. Having clean filters will not only ensure that you have clean air, but it will also go to lengths to ensure your purifier does not overwork a use up more electricity to clean up the air.

3. Have fans around the house

If you realize that your air filter is working, but the air still has some particles, it is a great time for you to get fans around the house. The fans will move the air faster, which means your filters can purify the air faster. You tend to get the air in the room in the right condition if the filter is pushing out cleaner air faster. To ensure the two appliances work well together, place the fan in an area where the filter cannot get to.

4. Place the filter in a flat place

Another simple thing that will ensure that your filter is working well is placing it on a flat surface. Air filters work on the concept of vertical airflow, and having them sit right will ensure that the air flows in and out of it efficiently. It is also a great way to ensure the filter does not topple over if someone hits it.

Last thoughts

The working of your air purifier is mostly dependent on how well you use it. Whenever you realize the purifier is not working as efficiently as you expected it to, ensure you have a checklist with you. It will help you rule out any malfunction issues and help you get to the main reason your purifier might not be working well.

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