How To Get Your Dog Used To Their Bandanas

by Caitlin

Dogs are one of the most popular and fun pets to have around; they are considered man’s best friend. These lovely animals, just like humans, are known to have their personalities. Hence, some dog owners have devised a means to communicate these personalities to others using bandanas.

Of course, different bandana colors are used to pass different messages. Some of the messages behind dog bandanas include:

  1. Warning: Bandanas are used to warn the public about the dogs’ character or predicament, so the public can adjust when around the dog. Some of the warnings are used for blind, deaf, violent, anxious, and shy dogs.
  2. Fashion: Some owners feel very comfortable around well-dressed dogs. Bandanas are used to make the dog look more appealing for special events or occasions; like photoshoots.
  3. To make the dog look less scary: Most people tend to be scared of dogs, warm friendly colors of bandanas are used to make friendly dogs with scary appearance look more appealing and inviting.

Even though bandanas make your dogs look cute, they might not like it initially. And you might have a hard time getting them used to it. Not to worry though: this article will provide some tips to help you.

How To Get Your Dog Used To Their Bandanas

If this is the first time you are trying out a bandana for your dog, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Start at an early stage: Just like children, dogs are more receptive to training while still pups. At a very early stage, introducing your puppy to bandanas allows it to tolerate and get more comfortable with the piece of clothing, till it becomes fully grown.
  2. Use rewards: This method can be applied at any stage in the dog’s lifecycle. It involves using rewards like treats to get the dog used to bandanas. By doing this the dog gets very comfortable with the bandana while bearing in mind that a reward accompanies every bandana it wears.
  3. Using distractions: This involves wearing the bandana on the dog and then engaging the dog by either playing with it or taking it for walks. The dog will gradually get used to having the clothing on.
  4. Applaud the dog for every bandana worn: This is self-explanatory, cheer up the dog by patting or rubbing it for every bandana it wears.
  5. Allow the dog to sniff the bandana before wearing it.This gesture shows that the dog is excited to wear the bandana which is a very good sign in the training process.

Types Of Bandanas That Can Be Used On Dogs.

  1. Tie up bandanas:this is worn by tying a knot around the dog’s neck with the bandana’s excess fabric.
  2. Snaps bandana: is worn by pushing the bandana snaps together.
  3. Velcro bandana: this type is worn by buckling the Velcro buckle together.


In general, when training dogs to wear bandanas, it is important to understand the need to go slow and at the dog’s pace. By gradually teaching the dog, it becomes very comfortable with the activity and considers it a fun activity.

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