How To Get The Best Contemporary Chandelier?

by Caitlin

Are you looking to get a contemporary chandelier? Did you know that the definition is a bit too diverse to fit anything? That’s right! When you search for contemporary chandeliers, many unconventional designs will pop up. These include modern linear chandeliers, rectangular chandeliers, modern chandeliers, contemporary, and many other additions. It can be a little perplexing to distinguish between these selections.

Different Types Of Contemporary Chandeliers

Before you get to find the best contemporary chandelier for your house, you need to determine the type of chandelier you’d like.

Modern / Contemporary Designs

These are often similar to abstract art. Almost any design goes from a collection of wooden logs to papers, random crystals, and much more. Contemporary designs look more like lights bundled together than a chandelier. Still, they are indeed chandeliers.

Transitional Chandeliers

These chandeliers are a standalone category but often also share traits with contemporary chandeliers. If you need something that has an appeal of classic, ancient, or old-school chandeliers, but also the flexibility of contemporary decors, these are the ones to look for.

Shaped Chandeliers

Various shapes like squares, circles, modern linear chandeliers and many other options are available. Shaped chandeliers also look like lights bundled together. However, these are not the pendant lights.

Guide To Buy The Best Contemporary Chandelier

Here is a quick guide to help you find the best contemporary chandelier:

Determine The Position

A chandelier should always be at the center of the setting. It can be at the center of the dining table, the room, any station, sofa set, etc. The central aspect is essential for the symmetrical appearance, among other things.

Size Of The Chandelier

However, the position also works as a method to determine the size. The elevation level from the floor should be at least 7 feet, minimum. There are many conventional rules, but they won’t apply specifically to a contemporary chandelier, except for the positioning.

Design And Aesthetics

The contemporary chandelier design should go with the overall aesthetic of the room you want to install it into. For example, getting a rounded chandelier with orbs and globes wouldn’t look great in a room full of linear decor, squares, and triangles. The alignment of the objects with the chandelier’s design is essential.

Visuals And Colors

Correlatively, the color scheme has to match. Some dealers or manufacturers can work on providing you the right finish for the chandelier. For instance, you can get gold, bronze, chrome, black, wooden, and many other options to choose from.

Light Selection Ideas

Focus lights on chandeliers are not the best option. Get the ambient lighting and make sure that you can also control the ambient lighting. Understand the unique aspect of your chandelier before installing the lights. Some contemporary chandeliers are built on glowing the brightest, so make sure you have that. Often, installing a dial to control the intensity of the lights for a modern chandelier is a great option.


Now you know everything essential about contemporary chandeliers and how to find the best one for yourself. So, go ahead and give these tips a try.

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