Everything you need to know about closures and frontals

by Caitlin

Perhaps you are looking to find a new look besides complementing the natural hair, but you are not sure about the many bundles with closure styles and choices available. A couple of hairpieces options exist in the market; narrowing them down to the one that suits your preference can be tricky. The lace closure and frontal closure are the recommended options but deciding the best fit can be overwhelming. This guide will help you to understand everything about these hairpieces and how they can complete your look.

What is a frontal?

Frontal closure is a hairpiece stretching from the front to the back through the sides of your head. The lace has an approximate dimension of 13 x 5 inches in size. The lace frontal is a popular kind that comes with a bonded or sewed-in installation to help women achieve a perfect look. This hairpiece comes with incredible flexibility to allow different hairstyles such as side parts, center parts, and ponytails to achieve a natural look.

Women tend to opt for the lace frontal because it seems more comfortable to install and wear. On the other hand, the lace frontal offers more versatility and is designed to protect your hairline better.

What is lace closure?

The lace closure is a hairpiece similar to the lace frontal but offers limited options when it comes to styling. The lace closure size is approximately 4 x 4 inches and is placed in the middle instead of stretching around the head. Since the hairpiece does not offer versatility when it comes to styling, it is perfect for women who love to keep the same style every day. The lace closures are available in three categories: the middle part, free part, and three-part. Ladies may prefer the lace enclosure because of the little attention to maintenance, and it can help clear hair damage. On the other hand, lace enclosures blend well with your natural hair and can be dyed to fit personal preferences.

Lace frontal vs. lace closure: similarities

Both hairpieces help complete your look, create the style that you have always wanted. They come with hair extensions on the wig base and the piece of material stretching over the head, bringing an illusion of your natural scalp. They tend to be the priority styles for women because they offer different options that give a natural-looking hairline. The installation process of both closures and frontals tends to be straightforward, and they don’t require any blending.

Lace frontal vs. lace closure: key differences


The Sizes of the two hairpieces demonstrate a big difference as the frontals come with a dimension of 13 x 4 inches while the lace frontal comes with 4 x 4 inches. While the frontal stretches from ear to ear, the closure sits in the middle of the head. When it comes to versatility, the frontal tends to offer more options to styling than the closures. The cost of frontals is much expensive than closures because it is constructed to provide styling versatility.

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