How to Add a Loyalty Card in your Huawei Wallet?

by Caitlin

Loyalty cards are not easily earned just by one-time purchase of a product or service. Those are only awarded to deserving and valuable customers who continuously purchase the products and services from a company. The criteria for availing loyalty cards vary from company to company.

For example, a coffee shop can provide a customer card with a loyalty card. This can be used for the next purchase to either get a discount or redeem exclusive gifts. It’s a type of marketing that most companies can take advantage to keep the customers coming.

The consumers will also look forward to having one especially if we keep getting the same products and services. First, we would like to save more from our purchases and secondly, to get exclusive offers and gifts from those companies that we patronize.

It’s a give and take relationship that both parties can benefit from each other. With that said, Huawei’s highly functional and reliable Wallet Kit offers its users to claim their loyalty cards through the app. That’s simple and easy.

How to Add a Loyalty Card in the Wallet Kit?

Before you can enjoy and maximize the full functionality of your loyalty card through the wallet kit, you need to configure some things first. Below are the following steps you can follow to add your loyalty card in your wallet kit.

Step 1 Ensure that you have downloaded your own wallet kit from the AppGallery. Follow all the configuration settings needed before you proceed to the next step.

Step 2 Open the wallet kit app and refer to the upper right corner where the “+” icon is located. Tap it and you will be presented with options to choose from: bank cards, keys, loyalty cards, gift cards and coupons. Just tap the loyalty card option.

Step 3 Then click the option button, “Add New”. You will be prompted to a camera to scan your loyalty card. Be sure you have enabled the wallet kit app to access your camera settings. Scan the loyalty card carefully so it will register clearly in the app.

Step 4 After scanning the loyalty card, enter all the required details from the loyalty card: card number, company name, your name and its expiration date. Double check all the details before saving it.

Step 5 Then set up your security settings like the payment pin, payment authentication and security question. This will secure your details from any possible fraudulent activities online. Remember to not share these private details to everyone. Then you’re set!

You may now use your loyalty card straight from your device by tapping it to pay in stores and other establishments. You can also show the QR code of your loyalty card to redeem and claim rewards. Totally made simpler and easier with Huawei’s Wallet Kit payment services method.

To know more about Huawei’s Wallet Kit, you may visit their official website for specific FAQ’s, troubleshooting/configuration tips, product specifications and other latest offers that you can avail when installing the wallet kit.

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