Three steps to wash your car

by Caitlin

There are hardly a few things in the world that can be as much satisfying as cleaning a car in the most perfect manner. It is a special feat that can be rarely achievable even at the shop of your local auto mechanic. Usually, what you come across at a mechanic’s shop are shabby brushes, imprecise technology, and a one-spray-fits all approach. If you decide to do it on your own with a car wash shampo in your driveway, you can do it with focus and commitment. Pulling out the water hose and a couple of buckets of water will allow you to take the dirt out of the dirtiest parts of the vehicle. You can use the following DIY method to clean your car at home. Here is the rundown of the steps involved in the process.


This is the part that most DIYers ignore however it is the most crucial step. You have to determine first what the condition of your car is before you take out the water gun and shampoo and start washing the car. You need to determine how much dirt your car has and which parts of the car are dirty. Accordingly, you can then map out how many buckets, shampoo, soap, brushes, hoses, and towels you need to clean it. Take a closer eye on the mud that is often caked on your car’s rocker panels. That’s nasty! Isn’t it? Look out if the car is covered in thick dust or fine dust. Both need cleaning but the amount of hard word varies for the two conditions. Consider the fact if you had driven the car on icy roads or salty roads?

Even if all the above dirt exists in your car, there is no need to worry about it. You are not going to need a complete arsenal of products for that. However, dirt cake needs special attention. If you have an older car model, you may have to buy waxes, clays, and several polishes as well so that the paint and the shine are well-protected.

Mind the label

The most important part of washing your car is that you ought to read the label on the product you have bought before you apply it in or on the vehicle. All automotive products cannot be used to clean the surfaces. If you choose the wrong product for the cleaning of your car, it will damage the coat and the paint of your car.


Wheels are considered as the trickiest item to clean in a car. They are the trickiest because they are the grossest and the nastiest. Most car owners evade dirt on them after cleaning them for a while. The method is to keep a spare bucket for the wheels or to clean them at the end of the cleaning session.

Cleaning products shouldn’t touch the tires because they are made of rubber. You can spray them with soap and water to clean them. Applying cleaning products or polish on tires will not only damage them but will also make them lose their grip while you are on the road for a ride.

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