Why you should get magnetic tiles for your kids

by Caitlin
magnetic toy

If your kid is asking you to buy magnetic tiles then take it not as a demand for another toy they will set aside in a few weeks but as a sign of their curiosity and eagerness to learn. Magnetic tiles for kids are no ordinary toys – they are very educational and encourages a lot of creativity and learning moments. Having this toy at home will help them prepare better for school work in the future.

What are magnetic tiles?

Magnetic tiles are now trending because they are a great alternative to building blocks. They are flat, translucent tiles that have magnets on every side so that the pieces can easily attach to each other without your kid having to exert effort. These tiles come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. They are big enough to not pose a choking threat.

What are the benefits of magnetic tiles?

Magnetic tiles are different from the rest of the toys that are marketed as hard-core educational. These toys just let your child do repetitive tasks until they memorize everything and get bored. With magnetic tiles, the possibilities of what they can create are endless. Every playing session can mean a new creation. This makes learning fun.

Aside from fun and creativity, using magnetic tiles help develop your child’s fine motor skills. To connect the tiles, your child will have to make sure that the magnets go together. The effort to make sure that there is precise dexterity while constructing their creations will boost the development of their motor skills.

Unlike some other building blocks that will require your child to exert force to make the pieces fit together, magnetic tiles are effortless. Putting the pieces together is a gentle effort. This makes your child feel less frustrated when they have difficulty with their creation.

These magnetic tiles come in different colors and shapes which will definitely attract your child’s attention and keep them entertained for hours. For young toddlers, you can use the tiles to help them identify colors and shapes.

These magnetic tiles also build up your child’s mathematical creativity. This is because they get a firm understanding when it comes to shapes and solids when they do construction projects.

If you have a hyperactive kid, playing with magnetic tiles is a great way for them to stay calm and keep them preoccupied. When children are focused on a project such as building toys, they become determined to see it through. This will give you a couple of hours to do your housework in peace or prepare meals.

Are they expensive?

Some magnetic tile brands may be slightly more expensive than legos and other traditional building block toys. But when you think of all the benefits and the way they stimulate the mind of children, it is a good and worthy investment.

Magnetic tiles are able to combine learning and fun easily. Constructing is even fun enough for adults. Getting your kids a set will definitely be a great learning and bonding experience between you and your kid.


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