How To Install Navigation To Your BMW

by Caitlin
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There are different BMW series in the market. One of the smallest is the SUV, which goes by the title, little cousin too. The brand is available with uniquely factory-installed navigation. So if the X3 doesn’t have the navigation system, you can always install one to the car using two options; the aftermarket external mount, which comes with a GPS or, better yet, a dash system located within the vehicle. How do you go about the BMW X3 navigation installation?

You can also install navigation by yourself, but technically. Another option you can opt for is calling the service center to offer insight on the same. If you are sure that you can install the system by yourself, then you should arm your brain and hands with the right tech-savvy skills.

These are your best options

Steps 1– take a paper and note down some of the most essential features you would wish for your GPS to posses. For instance, if you reside in a free state and would wish to make those calls when driving, you may find it useful to purchase a GPS with a mobile phone syncing ability. You should also select a GPS navigation tool for all the needed purposes.

Step 2– go ahead and clear off your dashboard, especially where you’ve mounted your GPS. Care to make good use of some alcohol to rub the surface area. Here, you may also use cloth, such as a rag coupled with grime. Place the bracket on the specified location. You can now plug your GPS into the device of your power outlet.


Step 1– this is the first step in the in-dash installation of navigation. You should begin by selecting the navigation device you want to use. Typically, the X3 has the capability of taking navigation touch screens. This is only up to 8 inches in width.

Step 2- go ahead and buy a navigation system from a preferred choice. Care to book an interactive session with a professional and a certified center for BMW cars in order for your system to be installed. If you fail to work with a certified center, you will be risking so much in terms of your hard-earned money. At this juncture, you also need to ensure that you have a warranty for the products you are purchasing.

Why Should You Update Your BMW With The Navigation System?

There used to be a time when oil changes in a car entailed routine-based maintenance. In the modern world however, an iDrive that is being installed in a BMW is a step forward in everything.

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to update the software or just invest in a map download to the navigation system, the BMW must be up-to-date. Go on and analyze the version of the map before anything else. To check the version of the map, you need to navigate the market and come up with a viable conclusion. Choose a durable brand that will last more than a year. Also, work with an expert who comprehends the value of your BMX.

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