Trouble Shooting Your Dell Laptop Charger

by Caitlin

Dell laptop users have discovered that their batteries cannot be charged at a given point in life. The indicator on the laptop says that it is clearly not charging even if there is an AC adapter that connects directly to the device- this might be frustrating. It makes the laptop unusable, particularly without the AC adapter. Besides, it is still inconvenient all the same. Perhaps you should use that laptop at a place without an actual power socket. If not, you should not worry at all. Here are some tips you can use to fix the issues arising. Here is a brief look at the process of troubleshooting your Dell Laptop Charger.

Step 1 – reconnect the adapter to the battery
This is one of the simplest steps to fix your adapter issues when it is time to reconnect the AC adapter to the laptop battery and charger. To accomplish this, begin by powering off the laptop.

Go ahead and unplug the AC as well as the battery straight away from the laptop.

· Press and then hold power up button on the laptop for about 30 seconds. This should release the residual power in the device.

· Go ahead and reconnect the battery to the adapter and then recharge.

· Power on the laptop and then check in order to see if the battery is recharging

 Step 2 – plug the laptop to a socket
It is pretty much possible that your Dell laptop is not charging since you are basically utilizing a surge protector. This can impact the functionality of the laptop charger. Power off the laptop and then connect the adapter to your wall socket. Start the laptop to see if the issue has been resolved.

Step 3 – use another charger
The impending issue can result from a faulty AC adapter you have been using all along. You may as well test the laptop battery with a different AC adapter and then find out whether or not the device can charge. In case the new charger is working for you, you need to replace the original one.  

Step 4- Reinstall the charger and battery driver
Another issue could be that you are using the wrong charger. You should, therefore, reinstall the driver and then establish if your issues will be resolved. In order to reinstall the battery driver, you should make use of the operating system found in the Device Manager.

Thereafter, you can connect the Dell laptop to the internet and uninstall the battery driver within the device manager. Restart the laptop so that the driver is automatically reinstalled.

Final Thoughts
For most people, one of the best ways to ditch the Dell laptop issues is by replacing the battery chargers. But that may not always be the solution. Well, even so, not all laptops by Dell use the same charger. Their chargers, although impaired with different compatible models, are clearly designed to work with the laptops that use the same kind and type of chargers.

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