Tactics to Use to Increase Twitter Followers

by Caitlin

Twitter is among the leading social media platforms that millions of people use daily. The platform is the most interactive compared to the others. As an individual brand or corporate, you can make the most out of this platform. In essence, Twitter receives more than 300 million users every month. As an intelligent entrepreneur, you can capitalize on those numbers and have a share of the cake. Growing a brand largely depends on the number of Twitter followers you have. However, it is not an easy job to hundreds of followers per day. You have to offer more than just consistency in tweeting and retweeting.

Only a few brands are smashing the twitter game. It would be best if you had certain techniques to get the numbers that will elevate you to the next step of your career. So, are you willing to grow your Twitter numbers in terms of followers and interactions? Well, read the following tips on how to increase Twitter followers.

Define your Brand

The best way to getting started on Twitter is through defining your brand/business. Providing a tangible and relatable brand presentation allows people to follow you without questions. When you provide a fake presentation of your brand, it makes people think that you are just another internet scammer.

Stay Active

Consistency is the key to growing a strong brand image. It would be best if you stayed active almost every day on Twitter. Staying active can also help you to know the trends and what people are saying about your business. Also, staying active gives you a chance to gain and retain your followers.

Follow-ups and Appreciations

Make sure you engage with those that show your brand love. This makes them feel appreciated and motivated to keep engaging with you online. For instance, when a follower tweets good things about your brand, try reciprocating the love back by retweeting or commenting. Engage with Other people’s Content can exponentially help to increase your Twitter numbers.

Leverage on other Platforms

Always make sure you encourage your followers on other social media platform to follow you on Twitter. Share your Twitter user name or direct link helps those who follow you on other platforms to follow you on Twitter. Also, ensure that you embed your Twitter feeds on your website if you own one.

Learn the Tweeting Techniques

Remember always to post brief tweets. Twitter users want short and compelling posts. Unless you have a lot to tell your followers, do not unnecessarily use threads. Remember to value quality over quantity. Staying active on Twitter is not all about posting all day long without a break. Make sure every tweet has value to the person reading it. Also, you should add relevant photos and videos to attract more followers to your account.

Know Your Peak Hours

Staying active on Twitter is quite addictive, just like other social media sites. It would be best if you were productive on both ends. Make sure you designate the ideal time for you to go online. Pick times when more people are using Twitter. Most people tend to be explosive on Twitter when major occurrences take place, and at night.

Finally, you can increase your Twitter following by buying followers. Nevertheless, this option can nosedive or elevate your brand to a whole different level. Therefore, be wary of both the benefits and minuses of buying Twitter followers.

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