Here Is Why You Should Get Yourself An EVA Case

by Caitlin

An exceptional casing can speak loads about your business and products. Choosing the best material to case your product can impact your professional outlook. Using EVA, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, for your casing is the best choice for any company in the security and military industry. For all your EVA casing needs, visit for the best offers in the market. EVA cases provide top-notch security and protection for your valued goods.

EVA casing has a lining of foam ideal for covering and protecting delicate equipment in transit or storage. EVA foam can be covered with a different material for extra support or aesthetics if requested by the clients. So what makes EVA so exceptional? Read on and find out.

1. Flexible and versatile

EVA foam is malleable into any conceivable shape. A quality that manufacturers appreciate as it makes work easier and shortens the time it takes to make a product. The material can also be made rigid or flexible during production, depending on the kind of product.

2. Friction inducing surface

Eva foam is anti-vibration and friction inducing, meaning that objects stored inside the case do not move around, causing damage. Items placed inside the EVA cases stay in the same position under extreme circumstances keeping your products in good shape.

3. Extreme Temperature Endurance

Military and security personnel will often have to withstand extreme conditions. EVA foam remains easy to use in extremely cold or hot climates. Equipment stored in the cases is also protected from the cold and heat by the material.

You can request your EVA case to be constructed with a waterproof closing mechanism such as a zipper. Since the foam is lightweight, it stays afloat in water, so your equipment does not sink. In case you encounter destructive sound, EVA cases have a sound-insulating effect, offering additional protection to delicate equipment.

4. High heat and chemical resistance

Thermal insulation is a vital advantage of the EVA custom casing. Most military missions involve explosives and gunfire, which necessitates a heat barrier to protect any delicate information. EVA foam is also resistant to UV radiation and any other extreme conditions nature has to offer.

EVA foam can withstand temperatures of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Diluted acids and alkalis do not affect the foam. The only drawback for the case is that it cannot withstand halogenated hydrocarbons.

5. Stress proof

EVA cases are strong enough to withstand the extreme onslaught. The cases can also carry very bulky equipment without a problem. Depending on what the EVA case is intended to accommodate, extra materials can get incorporated to increase the case’s strength.

6. Highly Shockproof

Because the cases have a soft interior and a sturdy exterior, it protects the most delicate equipment and artifacts. In the case of an accident where the EVA case is thrust around roughly, the case keeps the contents intact by applying friction to resist movement. The foam is also crucial to keeping the contents from moving around and causing damage from repeated impact.


An EVA case is suitable for any occasion. Eva custom cases are the best for the occasion, whether it’s a mundane occasion or a more elaborate military operation. Considering that they are affordable and can be made to fit a specific product or market group, Eva cases are poised to take over the market.

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