Guide To Take Care Of Your Lace Closure Wig

by Caitlin

Most 4×4 lace closure wigs or any other lace closure wigs don’t require glue for you. Even if you buy bundles with closure, you won’t have to glue them together. That’s one headache down, but it can still be a daunting task to clean and maintain your lace closure wing. How to clean a lace closure wig optimally? Here is a full-fledged guide that covers everything. You will also find some great tips to increase the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Let’s begin!

Buy A Wig Conditioner And Shampoo

People often use water and soap to wash their wigs. Some even use detergent or just about anything to get the job done. However, you need to treat them like regular hair. These are separate from your head, but it required care if you have something with human or organic hair.

Special lace closure wig conditioners and shampoos have essential extracts and ingredients to take care of your wigs. They keep the hair soft, silky, shiny and help the lace closure wig last longer.

Use The Conditioner Twice

Remember that you will have to use the conditioner twice. First, you will have to apply it before washing the wig and then apply it after washing the hair. The hair needs to retain its appearance and appeal.

Always Use A Wide-Tooth Comb First

Don’t use the thin or sleek combs. Try to get wide tooth combs that are thick and have space. After all, the wig hair can get tangled a lot, and that is the primary problem that you will face while maintaining them. Thin combs can easily rip the hair or damage them, making it hectic to untangle them.

Therefore, you should consider a wide-tooth, you can also use your fingers, but they are a little softer for the task. A wide-tooth comb will be perfect.

Comb From Ends To Roots

Don’t comb them from the top (lace) to bottom, but from end to top (reverse). This will prevent the pulling of the hair strands or any damage. It is the best way to comb and untangle the hair from the lace closure wig.

Shampoo And Warm Water

Finally, you don’t need anything special to clean and maintain the lace closure wig. All you need to do is rinse them in warm water, even soak them if required. Then, you can apply the special wig shampoo. If you don’t have that, the conventional shampoo works, as well. Remember, wig hair is just like regular hair. They need proper care.

After cleaning them and keeping the shampoo for the recommended time, wash them and rinse the shampoo off.

Don’t Stir – Use Fingers To Comb

Don’t use anything like a washing machine, dishwasher or stir the wig in the water. This will tangle the hair. Use your fingers to comb through the hair and apply the shampoo gently, almost as if these are your natural hair.

The Final Tip – No Pulling Or Excessive Force

Use a towel to wipe off the excess water and dry them. As a final tip, try not to use excessive force or pull onto the lace closure wig too much. If you keep these pointers in mind, your wig will undoubtedly last long.

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