Organic Head Support Bedding via Bamboo Organic Pillows

by Caitlin
Bamboo Organic Pillows

What comes to mind when you hear “bamboo pillow“? Do you imagine laying your head on a pillow stuffed with hard bamboo tree stalks? Or maybe you imagine a pillow made of stuffed bamboo leaves? Well, they look like neither of all that, so fear not. Bamboo organic pillows are made from the processed fibers of bamboo stalks, made supple enough for soft support.

Why Are Bamboo Pillows Good For You?

As our planet groans under the burden of overpopulation and environmental degradation from mismanaged industrial, chemical, and plastic waste, the world has slowly awakened to the reality that we have to be kinder to nature and preserve what’s left of our society.

One of the best ways to do so has been to turn to alternative sources of material in the manufacture of everyday things, especially adequate sources, quickly replenished and which are organic. Bamboo trees grow wild and fast. Using them in the production of bedding, paper packaging, and disposable utensils help to reduce deforestation significantly.

Another factor that will put a smile on your face is the knowledge that as these trees grow wild and natural, they aren’t continually being sprayed with harmful pesticides and other chemicals; they are natural. This then means that you don’t have to worry about traces of such compounds in your pillow.

Naturally, the bamboo tree has certain antimicrobial elements, which means they don’t pick up and keep as much bacteria as pillows made from other components. This is good news because studies have shown your average pillow will carry up to 350,000 colonies of living bacteria and 100,000 colonies of yeast and mold.

Why not preempt such an invasion by getting a pillow which comes already equipped to keep that nastiness away?

Bamboo is highly absorbent and naturally breathable, which means you won’t have a hard time keeping your skin cool, and you sleep better. It is this specific quality that makes them also really good for people who suffer from respiratory diseases.

They carry a neutral odor. If you have ever attempted to sleep on bedding, which has been made from fibers that carry a strong chemical or natural smell, then you know how frustrating it can be to get a decent sleep on those—a concern you won’t have when it comes to bamboo-based fiber.

Another essential quality is that they are very malleable, adjusting to your body’s natural contouring. In many cases, bamboo fiber is combined with shredded memory foam for even better contouring and pressure point relief. On that note, you can adjust the pillow fillings as they are removable for better, customized comfort.

Final Thoughts – When Buying a Bamboo Pillow:

  • Ensure that you enquire just how much of the pillow content is bamboo fib Some unscrupulous manufacturers use very little bamboo fiber, combining it with polyester and calling it bamboo.
  • A bamboo pillow with memory foam fillers is best because you get the best of organic bamboo fiber and contoured pressure-relieved support.
  • I would suggest reviewing customer experiences before purchasing a specific brand. That saves your uncertainty plus wasted sleep hours trying to use a poorly made brand.

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