by Caitlin

Its crazy to think I started this blog mainly because I wanted to talk loads about my squidge of a son. It seems I often forget to talk about either of them as finding the time to sit and actually write anything coherent becomes harder the older they both get.

The weeks seem to pass by in soft play, swimming, nursery shaped blurs, one day often moulding into the next. Its ok though, keeping busy that’s the way I like it.

So how are my little terrors and what have they learned this month?

We’ve had a bit of a mental November and it’s only the 15th, we’ve been soft play more these past few weeks than we have all year, we’ve been to the park and we’ve we’ve had a birthday (Max).


This one is quite the chatterbox. Often he is using pretty advanced vocabulary but also enjoys to have a bit of an incoherent ramble. He still attends nursery one morning a week which he is enjoying, although he can be a real pest going in. The girls tell me that he has made friends with another little boy, which is so sweet.

We will be receiving our “freebie”15 hours in January (although to be honest I’ve worked since I was 16 and have always paid tax, so I don’t really see this as free as such) he is attending the pre-school 5 days a week for 3 hours a day. We believe this is going to really help him to prepare for when he starts school the following year.

The bond with him and Kai grow a little stronger each day, I honestly believe that Max has a lot of love for him, although he loves nothing else than to repeat what I say “No Kai, Don’t touch that ” or “£Kai, mummy said no”. He is a total rascal and I often have to remind him that I’m the adult and he is the child.

Max’s behaviour was becoming a little out of control and to be fair I was a little at my wit’s end, he would be so cheeky with the backchat and generally not be doing anything I would ask of him. I figured I had two options:

  • Let him carry on with this typical toddler behaviour and slowly descend into madness and insanity
  • Attend a course at our local children’s centre, which was centred around boys, learning

new techniques to deal with there boisterous behaviour.

I chose the latter and boy am I glad. He is listening more to what I’m trying to tell him and I see him really following instruction better. I was embarrassed to tell anyone that I felt I needed a bit of support and advice to help deal with Max, now I realise there is no shame in needing assistance, epically if it helps improve our mother/son relationship.

Were finally beginning to crack the potty training (hallelujah) but were still having major poo issues, in that he prefers to poo in his pants often telling me he needs a poo after the fact.

He is completely out of pull-ups now, both day and night its been a process but I really feel we’re seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.


Two words that explain a lot of frustrations this month for both me and Danny and also Kai and that would be “NOT WALKING”, he crawls like a speed demon and sofa surfs like a pro but will he bite the biscuit and actually put one foot in front of the other unassisted, no of course not. I think Kai is very much a wind up like his dad I think he’s enjoying listening to the question £is he walking yet” every time we see anyone. That along with the comparison to other relatives whose kids are crawling, walking, talking at such young ages, so why cant Kai walk……. arrgggghhhh I’m very frustrated, can you tell?

Although lacking in the walking department he definitely makes up in the talking department. We’ve had 2-word sentences in the shape of “oh-oh” and lots of single words “Banana” “Peppa” “Bubbles”, I just know he’s going to be a talker like Max.

We’ve been attending swimming lessons the past couple of months and il be honest he hates it and I’m not overly keen. There’s only a couple of weeks left and I don’t think we will be continuing, I think il just take the boys in my own time, maybe revisit the lessons when he’s a little older.

Kai has developed a real love of music and singing, the wheels on the bus becoming a firm favourite. We’re really looking forward to the festive period now that Kai is a little older and can appreciate the season a little more. I’m not looking forward to seeing how he copes with the tree.

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