How can I select the right shower head?

by Caitlin

Who doesn’t enjoy rainfall showers?

Most people enjoy rainfall showers and the joys that come with it, but it’s often a daunting task trying to find the perfect shower head to give you that experience.

It is so important that you consider the right feature for your shower heads. Once one feature is out of place, you’re not going to get value for your money.

Without further ado, let’s look at the factors to consider when choosing the right shower head.

a. Decide between pressure and coverage

Wait! Don’t all shower heads give the same experience?

No, they do not.

You have to choose between pressure and coverage. Pressure is how strongly you want the water force to feel on your skin, while coverage is how much area you want the shower head spray to cover.

The truth is, you can’t have both features. The more you enhance one feature, the more the other feature decreases. So, if you’re looking for romantic and enjoyable rain showers, you should go for more coverage. But if you want a forceful shower, you should go for smaller showerheads that give more pressure.

b. Ceiling mount or wall mount

Do you love your shower heads to be mounted on the ceiling or the wall?

Most people often go for rain shower heads because they’re very versatile. To help you decide which one you’re going to do, you have to ask yourself 3 basic questions

i. Am I changing an already existing Wall Mount Shower head?

ii. Am I changing an already existing Ceiling Mount Shower head?

iii. Am I changing from a Wall Mount to a Ceiling Mount Shower head?

If you’re going for the third option, it may cost you more money because you have to hire plumbers and tile workers to get it done.

Most times, people go for wall mount overhead shower arm which gives the feel of a ceiling mount and it’s cost-effective.

Once you answer those three questions, you’ll know how to budget adequately.

c. Multi-functional system

People love getting wall mount shower heads because it has diverse functionality. If you love your shower heads to be multi-functional, then a rain shower head is probably not for you.

Why is this so?

Rain shower heads can be multi-functional, but why would you get one if you don’t want rain showers? And since they are often mounted on the ceiling, would you always stress yourself to adjust the settings every time?

Identify the system you want and go with it accordingly.

d. Shower head composition

Even if you don’t consider any other thing, you have to consider what the shower head you’re planning to buy is made of. Even if you invest in other features and leave out this one, it will not last, so you won’t get value for your money.

Make sure that you stay away from imitation shower heads, like plastic shower heads, and shower heads with cracks or leaks.

Only buy Metal Shower Heads.

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