by Caitlin

Dear Maximus,

Today is your third birthday, third! how the heck has that happened. The past three years have just flown by in a blur of good times and stressful. Stressful, because sometimes being a mummy can be blooming hard and Good because when it all comes down to it you really are a joy.

Its 6 am and you are all asleep, but not me. My minds already racing about all the fun things I have planned for you today. Starting with your presents, this year selecting gifts for you has been so much easier than last year. Now you have preferences, such a strong-willed boy you know what you do and don’t like and have no issues with vocalising it.

Our house is filled with Trains, Thomas, Paw Patrol oh and who can forget Peppa “Oink”.

I’ve been trying to fill you in lately on the story of your birth, explaining what happened the day you came into the world. You don’t really understand right now, when I told you how I carried you in my tummy you replied ” I carried you in my tummy”, you really are such a funny little pickle.

I’m not sure how I really feel about you becoming a “Threenager”, we’ve been through so many emotional shifts already, your second year gave us tantrums, biting and hitting out. It’s ok I get it my boy being a kid is hard, you have all these emotions that you really don’t understand, we’re getting there slowly as a team.

So many plans are being put in place for your third year but today we celebrate, we celebrate the day you, our eldest son, but always our baby came into our lives and changed them for the better. You really shaped us and continue to add colour to our lives each and every day.

There are people who choose not to be part of our lives, and I pity them because anybody who has the opportunity to have gorgeous soul’s like you and your baby brother should snap it up with both hands. If they choose not to then they are fools the only ones missing out are them.

We wish for you to enjoy this day Maximus, go have fun be crazy, be wild but most importantly just be you!

All my love

Your Mummy

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