by Caitlin

Game Night:

Being a kid in the 90’s it was all about the board games, Pop up Pirate, Kerplunk, Frustration, Hungry Hippos there’s just too many to mention!

These days it seems kids are less into family game time and more video game console time. I’m forever saying to Danny the last thing I want is the boys to be stuck with a gamepad in there hands 24/7, it’s just not happening.

Game night is something I’ve wanted to introduce to family life for a while now, but found the boys (especially Kai) to be far too young for the majority of games. Thanks to the lovely folk at University Games we have a solution, a game that we can all enjoy together.

Introducing…. (Drum Roll please)

We tried scheduling a game night for a few weeks back during a small mini break to Peppa Pig World but true to form, Kai was sick (literally in his dinner) so that was that plan ruined.

Last Sunday we decided to just go for it, everyone was nice and full from dinner and the kids had been bathed, cosy in pyjamas and dressing gowns. It was time to get down to business, bring on the rabbit.

What Did I love about the Game?

The game was super simple to follow which is really important when playing with young kids. The age range is 5 + but my kids managed to kind of grasp the idea pretty quickly. Think pop up pirate but with carrots and a bunny. Each player must spin the disk which tells them whether to pick one or two carrots or to miss a go. The boys couldn’t really grasp that so we just took turns of picking carrots which were just as fun.

The player with the higher number of carrots in their basket when the bunny “Jumps” is the official winner. We played the game numerous times and the boys loved collecting the carrots and the anticipation of bunny jumping.

Kai kept trying to eat the carrots, so if you have very young children playing who like to put everything and anything in their mouths then you will need to either keep a very close eye on them or play once there in bed.

I love that bunny was made from soft rubber, instead of hard plastic, Max was very curious and wanted to play with the bunny before we attempted to play the game.

What I disliked about the game.

I felt the game ended slightly too early to hold our interest for too long. We didn’t really get much of a chance to collect many carrots before the bunny jumped. It also came in a huge box, I would like the game to come in more compact packaging, to make storage easier.

Overall we had such a great time playing “Bunny Jump”, it was good to sit down as a family and do something together on a Sunday night. I can see Game Night becoming a regular occurrence in our house.

Paddington Colour-On

The lovely folk at University Games also sent us a great colouring pad for Max. The colouring pages come as a roll, in a cardboard box. It has been brilliant for when we’re out and about, small and easy to just pop in your bag, when you are finished with it you can just roll it back up for next time.

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