Busy Fridays: Swimming, Nursery and a cheeky visit to the farm!

Today has been busy with a capital “B”. What with nursery for Max, swimming lessons for Kai then a cheeky afternoon visit to Christmas Tree Farm to visit the animals.

Friday afternoons are normally spent just chilling at home. The day begins very early on a Friday and we tend to roll out of bed and out of the door to get Max to class on time.

This is no easy feat, Max normally wakes at around 07.30 am so it’s really all hands on deck. We normally walk to school but if the weathers bad or it’s the school holidays then we take the car. Some of our best chats are on the way to school, for a man with little legs it doesn’t take too long to walk. The key is to keep your kid distracted then they forget all about how tired they are or wanting to be picked up when they get bored of walking.

Nursery is still so hit and miss at drop off, occasionally he will go in no problem but lately, more often than not he’s super clingy. It’s something we are working through and every week it gets a little easier (for both of us). 

We haven’t the time to hang around at nursery because it’s back home breakie for Kai and a quick power nap for him before we boot off to swimming lessons.

I didn’t bother with lessons with Max, to be honest, they seemed so bloody expensive. I found an affordable leisure centre for lessons for Kai. We have been going for around 10 weeks now. He has so much confidence in the water now, I can see this both in the pool and funnily enough in the bath as well. 

I really really wish I had gone through with lessons for Max, we were kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place with him. Obviously, money played a big part in our decision but also Max had a few health issues which made swimming not really an ideal option.

This afternoon we visited a really lovely local farm ” Christmas Tree Farm” situated in the village of Downe which is situated at the end of lots of winding country roads, it’s a great place for the kids to get out, be around nature and feed some animals. Both of the boys absolutely adored it, I think Kai was gutted he couldn’t get out of the pram and run about with his older brother.

Priced at £4.00 for adults and £2.00 for 2- 16 it really is an affordable way to kill some time in the afternoon. They also sell feed at £1.50 a bucket and you are able to feed the array of animals living on the farm.

The downside to the farm is that you aren’t allowed to take in your own picnics, they do have a cafe style kitchen on site and the food is not unreasonably priced. We ate before we came out but I treated the boys to a muffin and some banana bread.

We love it there and will most definitely be back before summer is over, which judging by the weather recently will be sooner rather than later.

You can find out more about Christmas Tree Farm herehttp://xmastreefarm.co.uk




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