Your Step-by-Step Shopping Guide on Taobao

by Caitlin

You have heard of Taobao, the gigantic Chinese e-commerce shopping platform. You can get just about anything you need from this podium. Other than offering incredible prices, the site gives discounts on certain products depending on the season. And although its user-friendly for Chinese speakers, Taobao also serves English speakers. If you are one of them, then it would help to learn how to buy from Taobao.

1. Venturing into the English translation

Make Google Translate your friend. Taobao is in Chinese. Most of its vendors use simplified characters. If you do not feel ready, you can use Google Chrome-it provides you with an automated option to translate.

If you do not have it readily installed in your browser, you can add Google Translate Extension. Even though not perfect, it should save you the complications of translating small bits of messages on Taobao in English, thereby giving you an idea of what you are trying to purchase.

2. Setting up an account

Get started right on top of your screen’s right hand is a character. That is the registration tab where your details should be entered. Then, there is the option for English. You should add your phone number and email address before creating a username and password. You are now an owner of a Taobao account.

3. Search for products in English

You can now head to the real fun. Type the name of the product you want to purchase in that search bar. Here, you can use English. Even so, you will still get multiple options by translating into Chinese.

For instance, if you are on the hunt for birthday party decorations that go by this symbol, you may find up to 8 results during the search. But, in Chinese, you will find up to 90 results.

4. Go ahead and narrow it down

As a consumer, you should now have specific ideas of the products you are looking for. Add their names to the search bar. A good example would be if you need party decorations for a 6-year old boy, you could enter the exact words. Add the Chinese words for party decorations for a 6-year old boy.

5. Filter the results

It is now time to filter the results- do not waste time comprehending the translations and their meanings. You could look out for symbols for efficient shopping. Check out the growing number situated on the right side of that price. It should show the frequency of recent transactions.

Just a quick tip on how to pick out high-quality products- check the seven-plus sign. It will lead you to products that can be returned in just about seven days.

6. Check the ratings of the agent

Ratings happen to be one of the quickest ways to check product quality. They are issued out of five for every product description and delivery. Ratings of up to 4.8 are usually considered to be great. Check the Taobao’s agent’s ratings.

7. Fill up your basket and check out

Now that you got your item and trusted the seller, it is time to fill up your basket. Choose the preferred quantity, size, coupled with color. The pictures should be helpful for this phase of shopping. Check out by remitting your payment.

Final Thoughts

Some people have tried to sign up with Taobao but given up on the way because of how complicated it can be. But Taobao is the real deal for people interested in online shopping. It is also easy to use. You can get everything from the site, including jewelry and furniture.

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