Why You Need to Integrate your Device to Huawei’s Share Kit

by Caitlin

Huawei has been stepping up their game recently by their over the top software improvements and new smartphone model releases. The company is nowhere to slow down anytime soon and still going fast-paced towards technological advancements.

If you know by now or not, they’ve just launched their newest media sharing feature which is the Share Kit. If you haven’t heard about it yet, now is the time to get yourself acquainted in this latest improvement from Huawei.

Here’s why you need to have share kit now:

1. Media sharing is now possible with all types of devices

Imagine a world with no division and limitations; that’s what Huawei is trying to do with their recent improvement towards media sharing. Not so long ago, media sharing was quite limited and depended on what smartphone or software you’re using. This advancement lets you share media or files with any device you can think of: smartphone, printer, camera, PC, and so much more. All you need to do is give your device permission to let the app do its job.

2. Speedy media sharing like never before

It’s frustrating how we transfer or share files via Bluetooth. It takes longer, and you keep pressing “accept” just to let a single file go through in your folder. Or maybe, you’ll get stuck in a sharing app that bombards you with multiple ads and just prolonging your agony. Huawei has addressed this problem and allows the Share Kit to share media as fast as 80 Mbps! Yep, that’s right! And the thing is, it can go more than that, especially if the other device has integrated the Huawei Share app.

3. Super easy and user-friendly navigation

Huawei understands that not all of us are cut to become developers. Their website shows a simple tutorial on how to get you set-up with the Share Kit and integrate it into your device. It’s easy and hassle-free. In less than 10 minutes, you’re all set and ready to share media anywhere and anytime. As long as you’ve installed the Huawei Share App in your smartphone, then you’re good to start the adventure.

4. It’s not limited to Huawei device users

Aren’t they too generous for this? You don’t need to be a Huawei device user to experience the joys of fast and easy media sharing through Huawei Share Kit. The software welcomes Android users, too! The same process applies to Android users as well; all you need to do is to download the Huawei Share App and configure by following the instructions from their website. Once you’re all set, you can now share media to a Huawei or android device.

5. It cares about your safety

Other than the fact that they protect all the data you’ve disclosed, they have this feature as well where you can easily share videos from your car’s dashcams. Dashcams are now playing an important role in road safety, and Huawei knows that necessity. Monitoring your car and road activities has now made way accessible.

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