Vaping devices that affect your vaping experience

by Caitlin
Vaping devices

There are vaping products that have been made to pool like your everyday items. This way, you can hide your vaping from your parents and teachers. You get to vape without being detected. These products are usually disguised and they look like household objects that you regularly use which would not cause alarm such as watches, clothes such as a hoodie, pens, USB drives, phone cases, etc.

Common vaping devices that are being used are

  • Hoodie

Hoodies are one of those clothing that can be found in almost every teen’s wardrobe so this would not arouse any suspicion whatsoever. So, seeing your child one morning with a hoodie on would not make you as a parent suspicious so be vigilant. This is a popular way to hide their vape pens and makes it easier for them to vape anywhere even in the classroom without being caught. To use your hoodie, all you have to do is insert the pen at one end of the hoodie which is designed for the drawstring. The pen is slid into a chest pocket and the users would inhale it using the mouthpiece at the end of the other drawstring. The vapor gotten from the pen is then concealed in the tube if the drawstring.

  • Phone cases

Most teenagers are found with smartphones and so as a parent or teacher, you would not think twice when you see your child with a new phone case. This is a new way of concealing a vape pen and it is one of the latest accessories.

Vaping devices
  • Backpacks

Backpacks are known to be used just to carry books and laptops but that is not the case anymore. Now, it is used to conceal vaping. Backpacks for vaping usually have a pouch that would hold the vaping device together with a tube and mouthpiece which is found in the shoulder strap. It is then pulled out when it wants to be used and then tucked back indiscreetly.

  • Pens

The reason why vape pens are called pens is that it looks like a pen-based on its shape and size but there are vape pens that are designed to look just like pens so that their true function is not known and users can vape without being caught. Some pens are in the market that has been designed to act as a writing tool. All you have do is unscrew the one and put in a cartridge and you are good to go. Vape as much as you want too.

  • USB drives

There are brands of electronic cigarettes that look like a USB drive which is very popular among teens that want to hide their vaping. All you have to do is put it in their backpack and parents would not suspect anything and they would think it’s a regular USB drive and you are using it for an assignment. You can value discreetly without being caught by your parents.

  • Smartwatch

Smartwatches might look innocent at first glance even telling the date and time but pressing just a button would allow the user to remove a pod from the band of the watch which can be used to vape.

These are some of the many vaping devices in the market. You should get yours today! Know more about vaping from

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