Top ways to prolong your garden hose reels

by Caitlin

Your retractable garden hose reel has served you well over the years. You simply don’t know where you’d be without them. Yet, every good thing must come to an end. However, you are not ready for this one to end just yet. How can you prolong the life of garden hose reels?

This question bothers a lot of people. One main reason why people want to prolong its lifespan is because of financial restrictions. This article will give you some useful tips on how you can do this successful.

How to prolong the lifespan of your garden hose reel

1. Make sure you do some recoiling

Sometimes, it is the smallest things that can help your prolong its lifespan. One of them is that act of recoiling. This allows you to store up your hose reel easily after use. However, it does even more than that.

Recoiling your garden hose reel is a great way to avoid friction on its body. The absence of friction will generally translate to an absence in wear and tear. This means that recoiling can save you some months of use.

2. Shorter garden hose reels might be better

If you haven’t decided to buy yet, then this tip might be especially important. Shorter hose reels seem to last longer than the more extensive hose reels. This is all down to the length. The longer the garden hose reel, the more likely it is that it’s going to get wear and tear and form knots.

So, to avoid this scenario from playing out before your very eyes, you should probably use shorter garden hose reels. That is simply the best option.

3. Don’t drag the nozzle

Most times, people drag the nozzle of the garden hose. For some people, this action is even subconsciously done. However, it might be end well for your garden hose reels. What this does is to weaken the point of connection between the nozzle and body of the hose.

The end result will be leakage and a huge damage to the hose. In turn, it can seriously shorten the lifespan of the hose reels itself.

4. Store it neatly

Now, gardening can leave you stressed and tired. In this situation, it’s very easy to become lazy and be complacent. While it’s okay to be complacent sometimes, try not to leave your garden hose reels outside. The implications are really bad. Exposing your hose reels to excessive sun can really make damage it.

Also, just dumping your hose reels anywhere after the day’s work will take a toll on it. This is particularly true if this becomes regular.

So, take care of your hose. Make sure you keep it neatly arranged after using it. It’s going to reward you for the care you have shown.


If you want your hose reels to last, you are going to need to take care of it. Fortunately for you, this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Just follow the tips that are written in this article and you should be just fine.

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