Top Qualities of Percussion Massage Tools

by Caitlin
Percussion Massage Tool

There’s no better massage therapy than applying percussion massage tools on your body parts. While there are many options for massagers, the massage gun stands out. So, what makes this machine unique among the many other possibilities in mechanical massagers?


Most foot massager and cushion massagers will work on two body parts at most. In comparison, a percussion massager has at least four different heads for different body parts.

This reality makes the percussion massager a very flexible tool for home users. You don’t have to use one tool to massage the feet and another to massage the neck. With an excellent percussion massager, you can work on all your body parts by simply changing the working head.

Multiple Massage Methods

While their popular name is percussion massagers, punching is not all they can do. Most percussion machines can vibrate, rotate, punch, pump, pound, and thump your body. This flexible quality is one you won’t get with most other massage tools.

Multiple Speed Settings

The majority of percussion massage tools all have multiple speed settings, each for different muscle works. While massage chairs will have three-speed settings on average, percussion machines often average six-speed options. It means that you can work your entire body and muscles with a good percussion massager.

Best Handheld

An ideal percussion massage tool is not only lightweight, but handheld, and small enough to move with one hand. Most of the machines are like that, which gives them a leg up over other massage machines.

A good massage chair will have 1.5X the weight of a cushion, and most other mechanical massagers are like that. There’s no comparing it to a percussion machine that weighs much lesser.

Best for Heavy-Duty Workout

Powerful percussion massagers can provide as much as 3,000 strokes per minute, each with a minimum 16mm stroke depth. There’s no other massage machine available on the market that offers that much force that quickly.

This feature makes these percussion machines ideal for heavy-duty workout and low-laying tissue massage.

Note: Vibration massagers provide similarly fast strokes, but with much lower power behind them.

Affordability and Variability

An advantage of their popularity is that there are lots of percussion massage tools available on a budget. Compared to massage cushions that go for thousands of dollars, some great percussion massagers are dirt cheap. We have Relxbit Mini, Theragun, Hypervolt, and more going for affordable prices.


You can bring most percussion machines to full charge in 30 minutes and use them for an hour on average. This fact makes them a very mobile option for regular massage therapy.

You don’t need to be home to use them, nor do you need any unique tool to enjoy them. With the lightweight, you can carry your percussion massager with you everywhere you go and use it accordingly.

Final Thought

For all their excellent qualities, percussion massagers are not easy to use on back muscles, among other disadvantages. But even with these disadvantages, a percussion massage machine is one of the best mechanical massagers on the market.


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