Tips on How to Make Your Jewelry Last

by Caitlin

Every personal Jewelry, especially a halskette personalisierte has sentimental value to the wearer. Whether it was a gift from someone or you got it yourself, it is always a precious piece, something you wouldn’t want to lose.

Therefore it becomes important that adequate care should be given to your jewelry, especially personalized ones. To ensure your jewelry is kept neat and new all the time, this article contains few basic instructions you should take note of.

Tips on How to Make Your Jewelry Last

No matter the type of jewelry you have; gold, silver, or diamond. The life span of your jewelry will be considerably elongated if you stick to these rules.

1. Wear Your Jewelry after Makeup

While dressing up for work or any occasion, take care of your makeup first before wearing your jewelry. Every cosmetics, especially hair sprays and lotions contain chemicals that can damage your jewelry.

To avoid this damage, always wear your jewelry after you must have done your hair and makeup. This way, there will be little contact between your jewelry and chemicals from the cosmetics.

2. Do not swim with your jewelry

Every once in a while, everyone loves to enjoy the cool comfort of the pool, especially on a hot summer afternoon. But most pools contain chlorine and when you expose your jewelry to chlorine for too long, it will get decolorized.

So you should play it safe. When you are kitting up in your swimsuit, remember to remove every piece of jewelry as well.

3. Take it off before cleaning

Sometimes your jewelry can become too dirty as a result of dirt and dust. On such occasions, you will need to clean and polish it to restore its shine. The rule here is that you should make sure you take off the jewelry before cleaning or polishing it.

If you don’t remove it before cleaning, the implication is that you won’t clean it properly. Also, some chemicals used for cleaning jewelry are harmful when they come into contact with the skin.

4. be smart about safekeeping

When your jewelry is not in use, store it away in a conducive environment. Do not leave your jewelry lying around all over the place. This is the fastest way to lose them.

When you store a necklace in a box, make sure it is not tangled up with other pieces. This is why you shouldn’t store many pieces of jewelry in a small box

An ideal box for storing jewelry should be lined with a smooth material. If you cannot afford to buy a new jewelry box, convert one of your old shoe boxes to one.

5. Take off your jewelry before you have a bath.

When we take our bath, we love to use nice scented shampoos and soaps. While this is very good for your skin, the same cannot be said for your jewelry.

Chemicals in shampoos and soaps may damage your personalized chain and other jewelry. They create a thin film around the jewelry, make the sheen dull, and reduce its beautiful shine.


Special pieces of jewelry require special care and attention so that their lifespan will be prolonged. Although in reality, every piece of jewelry will eventually fade out, the idea is to enjoy it while it lasts.

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