The Timeless Appeal of Waxed Canvas Bags

by Caitlin

Canvas bags are turning out to be a hit due to its eco-friendly benefits. A lot of people are using them when on their shopping and grocery trips. Noticing how good they are, a lot of companies are now producing canvas bags for casual, school, work, and travel too.

But if you want a canvas bag that is a bit harder than the ordinary canvas material, you should check out waxed canvas bags. This gives a water-resistant proofing to an ordinary canvas material and even looks better as it ages.

How waxed canvas bags started

Waxed canvas first started in the 1500s. Sailors started waxing their canvas sails since they got more out of the wind with it than ordinary dry sails that could cause the wind to be uncontrollable. They loved using waxed canvas since it was a lot lighter than working with wet canvas.

Seeing that the waxed canvas was also water-resistant, they started making capes out of the worn-out waxed canvas sails. This was how the first fisherman’s slicker was made.

By the 1800s, travelers and pioneers started turning the waxed canvas into bags due to their water resistance and durability. Waxed canvas bags turned out to be an ideal bag for work and recreation.

What makes waxed canvas bags worth it?

Other than the waterproofing benefits, waxed canvas bags age well. They work like leather where wear and tear can develop a patina layer on the bag. Each patina is unique – making each waxed canvas bag unique as time passes. Just like fine weather, the more you use a waxed canvas bag, the better it can look.

With good maintenance and care, you can even pass down your waxed canvas bags to future generations.


Waxed canvas bags are mainly preferred for their waterproof resistance. This makes it a popular material not only for bags but also for tents, sails, and other outdoor clothing needs.

Easy maintenance

Whether you have with you waxed canvas handbags, duffel bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, or purse, the maintenance and care are pretty straightforward. All you have to do is renew the wax coating every two years. The coating process is very simple that you can do it yourself! Because of the wax coating, you do not have to clean it all the time.

Makes canvas durable

Canvas bags are durable on their own. But they are not waterproof and they can also tear and snag when it comes in close contact with a sharp object. You barely have to worry about these things with waxed canvas bags. The wax gives the canvas a harder layer that cannot be easily penetrated by sharp objects. This makes it more durable than the ordinary canvas bag.

So, if you love using canvas bags but you want to use a durable one for work or outdoor use, look for waxed canvas bags. Understandably, they will be more expensive than the ordinary canvas bags but given its timeless beauty, durability, and waterproofing, you sure know that the price will be worth it.

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