The Three Process of Caring for Human Hair Wigs

by Caitlin

Women buy wigs for different reasons to meet their needs. They enhance one’s look, protect your natural hair, help restore your edges, and cover-up damages. They also boost a woman’s confidence, giving one a new style to wear any day. Human hair wigs for women are vast in the market depending on the style, texture, price, and other factors. Lace wigs are either lace front or full lace and should be handled carefully to keep the lace intact. Proper maintenance of human hair wigs is vital to keep them in their original state and maintain their luster. We discuss ways of caring for human hair wigs below.

How to care for human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are the most pricey wigs you can find. After spending so much money to get one, you would surely want to take care of it and ensure it serves you longer. It saves you time and money you would have spent buying a new one almost immediately.

1. How to wash a human hair wig

Start by combing through the wig to remove knots and tangles. Remember, some lace caps are very delicate, so use gentle strokes to keep the hair strands intact. Use cold water to clean the hair. Apply mild shampoo and distribute it evenly using your fingers. After 2 to 3 minutes, rinse the hair using warm water in a bucket or under a running tap. Gently comb the hair to keep it tangle-free, then rinse to remove any shampoo residual. Pat the hair using a towel to dry it, then hang it on a wig stand.

2. How to style a human hair wig

Styling is an important process for wigs. You can achieve various styles using the same hair. Before styling, brush through the hair to rid off knots and straighten it. In the process, spray the wig with water to remove static electricity. You can wear the wig straight or add curls and waves to it. One essential wig product you should never lack is a wig mousse. It gives you nice curls and makes the hair lustrous. In addition, you can use a flat iron for tighter curls, although frequent use of heat is not recommended.

You can dye or bleach the wig easily using genuine hair products but be careful not to ruin it. Seek assistance from a wig expert if it is your first time. This ensures the products are mixed in well and in the right portions.

3. How to store human hair wigs

After cleaning and styling, you need to keep the wig in a safe place. Proper storage is crucial for a long-lasting wig. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight. They damage the hair color and make it look not very interesting. A dull wig isn’t pleasing, so you’ll need a lot of hair spray to try to bring back its shine. Use a plastic bag to store the wig or a hair net. They maintain the style and prevent dust. Hanging it on a wig stand or mannequin is also good but keep it away from dust and sunlight.


The process above is straightforward to help you care for your wig. It keeps the wigs in good condition for an extended period and saves you money. You can use different hair products on the wigs as long as they are genuine and work well on them.

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