The Complete Guide to Flower Pots

by Caitlin

For those that have been to places with flowers or even seen them from afar, the beauty of the flowers is usually the first thing we notice. But for places with limited space, the owners might decide to use a Flower Pot so that they can still share in the beauty of having flowers around the house and enjoy gardening as well.

Anyone who has a garden or uses a gardening container knows the delight and calm that comes from gardening. Flowers tend to improve moods and incite good memories. They have been found to reduce stress and create strong social links between people. Pot de fleur can make it even better.

But some people who do not have space for gardening can invest in flower pots. Here is a guide to everything you need to know about flower pots

What you need to make flower pots work effectively

Drainage Holes

It is advisable to not manage the holes. When there are not enough holes for water to escape, the soil becomes too wet and can cause your plant to die. Most of the pots that are sold lack enough big holes, which means that holes will need to be made under the pot either by punching or drilling. So it is important to make that first check or you will be buying new plants in no time.

Enough Sunlight

As you might have guessed, sunlight is good for the plants. Plant growth is dependent on the availability of sunlight. You can calculate how much light the container will get by placing it in position and checking how much time the sun hits it. There will be no need to overestimate how much sunlight your plant will get.

Plant Food

Not a mistake at all. Your plant needs to get fed. Unlike plants that are in the ground, your potting soil has no nutrition for your plants and that’s why you need to feed them. To apply the nutrient feed, you can mix with fertilizer into the potting mix. It is also important to fertilize every two weeks to help the plants get their nutrition.

Buying Your Plants

There could be panic when you go out to the nursery. How do you avoid that? Make a list of the plants you want before leaving for the nursery. Having what you want to buy in mind will help reduce panic and know what to expect. For starters, the Internet is a good place to make choices.

Some have recommended that you make a physical list of the pots and the pot sizes that you would want. This will help in deciding what plants to buy and how much of it is needed.

Plant Neighbors

Different plants have different needs. Some need more sunlight than others and some, more water than others. Knowing the plants to place together is important. If they do not have the same needs, some of them will not thrive.

Plant Tags

The plant tag might seem like a useless piece of information, but it very important. It is important to read and save the tag. You could say it is a critical part of the plant. The tag gives information on how much sunlight, water, and care the plant will need. It also tells how big the plant will grow and if it is an annual or perennial plant


Gardening is a good way to pass time, enjoy nature and enjoy the natural beauty all at once. It is a blessing to us, everyone should have a feel of it.

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