The Best Yoga Mats For Beginners

by Caitlin
yoga mat

Yoga mats are the modern-day equivalents of ghees for karatekas. The mats form a contemporary symbol for modern yoga. These mats actually represent the mental space in which yogis experience to escape and relief from the chaotic, stress-laden, and unpredictable journey that has become modern life. Many people never really get to learn about the dynamics and capabilities of their bodies. With the proper, concerted practice applied consistently, the body, through the mind, can do incredible things. In addition to how to clean a yoga mat, beginners need to understand that their mats are excellent investments and a dynamic first step to enhancing the yoga exercises of any yogi. For any serious yogi, a good mat is a symbol of commitment to both one’s practices as well as to oneself. Lets’s focus on the best yoga mats for beginners.

How to select a yoga mat

Any time a beginner yogi has to select a good mat, he should consider factors including the thickness of the mat, construction or design of the mat, and weight of the mat. For experienced practitioners, the sturdiness and durability of the mat is the most important quality to take into account.

A short history of yoga mats

For millennia, yoga mats were not really an integral component in the practice of transcendental yoga. This is because a majority of the initial exercises were made up of meditation and breathing exercises. The main materials used in the early days of yoga included basic cloths and animal skins if additional cushioning was a requirement. With time, more challenging postures (asanas) were developed and grew in popularity. This led to an increased need for supportive surfaces, which could provide both comfort and support to a person’s body.

As yoga developed, a need for clothes on which yogis could sit came about. Rugs became popular for yoga exercises. The more asanas evolved, the more yogis resorted to rugs on which to exercise. The original rugs were devised from synthetic alternatives or plain cotton. As posture-based yoga increased in popularity, it spread across the world. Eventually, a smart yogini came up with the brilliant idea of using foam carpet as an underlay for extreme comfort.

Best types of yoga mats for beginners

  • Toplus Basic yoga mats

These maks are high-quality and environmentally sustainable. The material from which the mats are crafted is designed to be 100% safe for intensive use. The Toplus mats also provide extensive support to the body of a yogi.

  • Youphoria Yoga mat

This mat is crafted from extremely high-quality material. The mats are also eco-friendly, designed to be 100% customer-oriented.

  • Gaiam Premium mats

These mats are crafted from a non-toxic form of PVC which also happens to be very lightweight. The mats also provide good cushioning while maintaining their quality of durability and ease of balance.

  • GoYoga High-density mats

For newbies, the GoYoga mats provide the extensive moisture-resistant capability, as well as being sanitary and non-slip. The high-density construction of these mats makes them extremely comfortable to your joints and bones.


Newbie yogis are usually faced with the daunting task of not only learning the intricate art and practice of yoga but also the task of picking the right yoga mat for training. One should pick the right mat to avoid slipping, injury, or fatigue due to hard surfaces.

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