Stay connected to your loved ones with this photo locket

by Caitlin

Lockets and pendants have never been out of fashion, and getting one personalized is like icing on the cake. Presenting your loved ones with this beautifully designed photo locket is an obvious way to express your love and affection. These lockets not only add a style to your look but also remind you of your loved ones. Let’s take a closer look into the beauty of these lockets:

Why these Photo Locket:

Customized necklaces are the most rising trend, and you can have your beautiful photographs printed, engraved, and fixed into the metal pendants for the perfect vintage effect. These lockets come in a wide variety of designs that you would love to buy. Whether you want a pendant to complement your fancy party look or it’s the casual look locket that you always want to carry, you can get them all here from this amazing range. So why not seize one or even two for yourself and to present to your best buddy.

Features these Photo lockets offer:

Although all the pendants vary in shapes and sizes still, they share some of the key features that remain the same throughout the product line. Some of these key features include:


All the photo lockets are made from Sterling Silver that is an alloy with around 90% silver suitable for making bracelets, rings, and such ornamental jewellery. Some of these lockets are also gold plated for the finest finishing and elegant look.


Although available in different styles, they all have a standard length of 40 cm+3cm+3 cm+3cm.

Shapes and Styles and colors:

The lockets are features in beautiful shapes, the most famous one including the heart, angel, and the family tree. You can get most of the shapes also available in a variety of Golden, Silver, and Copper shades.

You can also get your favorite quote, name of your husband, fiancée, or a friend engraved on the pendant along with the picture.

Customized Gem and Stones:

Starting from simple metallic pendants, you can get the lockets customized, having beautifully arranged gemstones on it.

Unisex Jewellery:

The pendant can be a beautiful gift for your mother, friend, wife, fiancée, or sister.

Online Picture Submission:

Once you have selected the photo locket that you want to buy, you can get it customized in just three simple steps that are:

  • Choose a photograph you want on your locket.
  • Design it to fit into the locket
  • Confirm your design

Now you can tuck in and relax; your order will reach your doorstep just in 2-5 working days.

Style with Durability:

You will surely fall for the delicate and dainty design of the lockets but wait, and the elegance comes with the promise of durability. Yes, you don’t have to worry that your favourite locket is going to break and fall somewhere. As the fine quality sterling silver is the guarantee of delicately finished lockets with strength.


To select an article from the beautiful range to gift your someone special on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Christmas, or New year. Whatever the occasion is to express your feelings to those you care about.

so, select from the wide range of locket to wear for yourself!

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