Should I quit vaping?

by Caitlin

Vaping has not been around for a significant amount of time for most people to comprehend its impacts on the body if consumed over a longer duration. However, health experts are currently reporting extensive lung damage, particularly in individuals who vape. Some of these long term health effects have led to death. So should you vape? Should you quit vaping?

Vaping allows nicotine into your body. As you may know, nicotine can be pretty much toxic to your body. In teenagers, it causes slow brain development and affects their memories, focus on learning, and control. Some of them may seek excess attention. The nicotine in the vape can also irritate the lungs, thereby causing damage to this vital body organ.

It might lead to other forms of the use of tobacco too. Individuals who attempt to quit vaping have always found it as challenging as they tried to quit smoking. This is because of the nicotine addiction. Only a few to try to quit smoking by utilizing the wrong methods have found it daunting.

cig vs e-cig

Most smokers do not comprehend that the issue with nicotine addiction it 90 percent mental. But how would you prove that the dependence is mostly psychological? Experts have resigned themselves to the fact that most smokers do not care to use patches of nicotine or gum. Picture this- an addicted heavy smoker is on a long haul of flight where he or she cannot smoke. The person gives in to this fact. Multiple smokers will not bother using gum because they will feel calm most of the time. But 14 hours into the flight, something will begin to occur. The trip comes to an end. 

The smoker starts to anticipate getting off that plane to be in a position to light a cigar. And as she or he checks the watch, it is quickly notable that the flight should be landing in just about 20 minutes. This smoker smiles. Of course, it is because very soon, he will be able to smoke. But what if the captain announces that the landing will not occur until after 40 minutes? How will the smoker feel? Pretty much irritated.

Vaping can get you sick

The U.S. territory in the CDC has reported over 2,000 cases of diseases related to vaping. Some of the symptoms people register include coughing, chest pains, fatigue, as well as nausea. About 65 percent of these cases are in men. Also, two-thirds of the people who have contracted diseases have died.


In its basic form, vaping is not actually regulated. The devices, coupled with liquids, are not regulated by the department of food and drug administration. This implies that you may not know what your immunity is in the vape, including the toxic chemicals that can harm body. That said, you need to watch out for your life if you decide to take on this practice. Other than that, you also need to ensure that you understand the basic facts of vaping and its prolonged side effects to your organ. 

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