How To Go About Renovating Your Countertops

by Caitlin
white quartz countertops for kitchen

Selecting the right countertop is an essential aspect of your kitchen design. The decision goes beyond aesthetics, especially when it comes to choosing quartz slab for sale. It is also a viable investment you should want to make in years to come, particularly when renovating your countertops. In the end, your lifestyle is the ultimate essential decision you need to consider weighing in on. This is at least more important than the decorating style you may possess when you think of picking the right kind of kitchen countertop. Consider thinking practically by asking yourself some of the questions below:

  • How busy is your kitchen countertop? This is a practical question that needs a straight answer.
  • Do you prepare weekly meals in the kitchen?
  • Do you bake?
  • In case your kitchen countertop has damage, would you be bothered? How soon would you notice it?

That said, you need to note that every type of kitchen and bathroom countertop has advantages and drawbacks too. This is regarding durability and resistance to heat or harsh chemicals. In matters design, you need to ask yourself whether you would go for a natural stone countertop of a composite material. Do you want to invest in a stone bathroom countertop? Although you could be having the right color in mind, if that material is not the right one, there are chances you will end up regretting your choice. So whether you have a contemporary or traditional style of kitchen countertop, here are various types of style and material to consider:

  • Quartz – Do you own a large family to cook for? Do you just aspire to ensure that you invest in a durable kitchen countertop? Quartz could just be the ideal choice for you. In another case, you will be surprised to vividly learn that such countertops are not purely made of quartz but composite as well. These stones are engineered from the quartz mineral and then combined with resin binders. The stone is non-porous, making it a viable option for your kitchen renovation needs. It is also incredibly hard. This implies that it does not need to be re-sealed.
  • Concrete– Concrete is a countertop material popularized by Joanna Gaines. It is one of the best ways to elevate your chic farmhouse kitchen. You can also use this stone to incorporate a special touch to modern as well as industrial kitchen surfaces. Typically, concrete is known for having a bold yet striking look. It is additionally durable.
  • For this reason, people use the material to make sidewalks. Commercial concrete countertops can be made using a kit. Even so, this material is far too way from perfect. The countertop has drawbacks, including being in a position to crack when settling into a home.
  • Soapstone– This is a viably natural stone that’s often used domestically. It is outsourced from the famous Appalachian Mountains. The material has a high volume of talc, which provides the surface with a soap-like feeling. When compared with granite, soapstone is more advantageous. It needs minimal maintenance, it is non-porous, and is heat-resistant.
  • Granite– Granite has been the primary countertop standard for several years because it is a natural stone. It is also durable and available in a broad spectrum of light as well as dark colors. The material has flecks and variations. One additional feature it has is i the fact that granite can easily be cut using edge choices such as ogee and bullnose.

In Closing

Renovating your home can be costly. This is especially true for people who do not know what it takes to choose the right countertop. With the high remodeling expenditures expected to reach $300 billion by the time the year ends, it is evident that home renovation projects, with a specific focus on countertops and slabs, are popularizing the country.

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