Ideas for Gift packaging boxes

by Caitlin
Gift packaging boxes

It may be too late to package those wholesale gift boxes for your clients, but it is never too early. One of the best ways of showing your clients that you truly appreciate them is packaging boxes with gifts.

The problem is that it can be difficult to package the boxes right. This is why we put together this article to show you a few gift box packaging ideas.

Importance of wholesale gift boxes

As we prepare for the holidays, it is imperative that we begin to prepare the gifts to hand out to clients. This is the usual custom and so we tend to care a lot about the gifts. What most people don’t realize is that wholesale gift boxes are just as important.

It is okay to get great gifts. But if they are not packaged properly, clients might not appreciate them as much. So the question is this, why are packaging boxes important?

  • Enhancing the gift. When a person hands you a gift, the first thing you see is the packaging. Do you notice that there are some gifts you receive that you don’t even rush to open? Again there are others you just can’t wait to open.

This is not because of the size of the gift, it is the power of gift box packaging ideas. A perfect box adds some beauty to the gift, makes it more attractive, and spurs desire. All of these effects are what you want to create on your clients.

First impressions matter a lot so you need to get it right with your gift boxes.

  • Easier packaging (know more). For a very long time, we were used to the idea of wrapping paper. As beautiful as they are, they are not so versatile, here’s why.

There are certain gifts that have an awkward shape, for example, irregular or spherical shapes. Wrapping these using paper may be quite difficult. This is asides the fact that the paper will get creased and could even tear along the way.

Gift packaging boxes

A better option is packaging boxes. All you need to do is put in the gift into any of these boxes and cover it. You can now decide what kind of design you want to have on the cover.

To get the best from a gift box, ensure that it matches the size of the gift.

  • Improve your business’ image. When you make use of these wholesale gift boxes, you improve your business image. You can enjoy this more by personalizing the gift boxes to show off your company.

As a business, you will need to send out gifts of different kinds during the year. You can make use of high-quality boxes to present these gifts to clients and business partners. This will show that you pay attention to details and you care about each one of them.

With all of these in mind, let’s take a look at the different gift box packaging ideas you can use.

Gift packaging boxes

Design ideas for your wholesale gift boxes

There are tons of ideas to choose from, it all depends on how creative you want to be. It is important that you choose great ideas when packaging your gifts. Doing this shows that you actually put in some effort, effort that will be appreciated by the receiver.

Asides your business, you can employ some of these ideas for your personal gift packages. Without further ado, here are some ideas to pick from

Natural elements

To do this, you need a few flowers or leaves. The whole idea involves making use of natural elements to decorate your wholesale gift boxes.

This should not be too hard. When you take a walk down the park, you’ll find a couple of elements that you can use. From leaves to flowers and twigs. To add some glam, you can paint them with your business colors and maybe add a few small pompoms.

Gift packaging boxes

Cloth packaging

This is about one of the least costly ways of designing your packaging boxes. It is also one of the most versatile as there are tons of variations you can use. This idea is very easy, you can do it this way:

  • Lay a square-shaped piece of cloth on a flat surface.
  • Put your gift in the middle.
  • Pick opposite corners and tie them to form a knot. Do the same for the other opposite corners.
  • Now form another knot using the initial knot.
  • Add a few decorations to this final knot and you are done.
Gift packaging boxes

Do away with the ribbons on your wholesale gift boxes

Ribbons are among the conventional gift box packaging ideas but they are becoming quite boring. We have seen these ribbons so much, they don’t seem to trigger any form of excitement anymore.

Employ some more creativity with your designs. You can try to stick a few decorations to your box. Another thing you can do is paint the box in a dark color, maybe black. Then use a white piece of chalk to make inscriptions on it.


This method is unconventional but it is easy to achieve and quite attractive if you get it right. All you need for this is some paint, a pencil that has an eraser, as well as a sponge.

Simply dip the rubber eraser in the paint and make designs on your box. One of the most attractive of these designs is the polka dot design. It requires very little effort as you just have to make dots on different parts of the box.

Gift packaging boxes

Sparkles and glue

This works magic every time on wholesale gift packaging boxes. The good thing is you don’t need to do much, just a bit of sparkle and some glue is fine. If you don’t have glue, then you can try double-sided tape.

The rest involves how much creativity you can employ. Make different shapes on your box and add some glue then pour your sparkles over the shape. Try this once and you will almost not want to stop.


We have been able to show you that wholesale gift boxes are just as important as gifts themselves. Added to this we put together a few gift box packaging ideas to help you. You can browse Zigpac for more ideas.

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