Best organic formulas to feed your baby safely

by Caitlin
baby formula

As a parent, feeding your baby safely with formula cannot be overemphasized. This is because it helps you to add to the nutrients already given in the breast milk of the mother to help the child grow better and stronger.

In recent times, there are a lot of products out there created by manufacturers with the claim that it provides children the necessary nutrient, but, they end up causing more harm and sickness in the child’s body.

Because of the confusion going around, we have decided to give the three best and healthiest formula you need to give to your child today.

Before we proceed, you need to know that is not all the formula listed here that will be useful to your child. When it comes to feeding babies safely with formula, you are permitted to try out a lot of products and see the one that is the most suitable for your child.

Let’s dive in.

  1. HiPP Formula.

The HiPP Formula is one of the most cost-effective and healthy formulas brands in the market. Most parents love using these formulas because it is made up of synthetic DHA and natural ingredients.

It is prepared for babies that are not lactose intolerant because it uses lactose as a sweetener and also has prebiotics contained.

The main reason why some people often complain about this product is that it contains palm oil which may not be too suitable for the intestinal system of the child. Getting the formula in powder is also not as easy as the rest on the list.

  1. Plum organics.

Plum organics is also another great brand that a lot of people support and purchase their products for use. The good thing about plum organics is that it is completely free from pesticides and it does not have antibiotics present in the formula.

If you have a child that is always a picky eater, then this formula is the right one for your child. This is a new product in the market so, a lot of parents are somehow unfamiliar with the advantages of this formula.

One thing that often stops parents when it comes to giving their child this formula is that this formula lacks the presence of iron. So, in giving the child this formula, the child may not have enough iron intake.

  1. Earth’s Best Formula.

It would be difficult trying to compile this list by talking about Earth’s best formula. This is one of the best baby formula design to meet their dietary needs.

Most people love using this formula for children that are a little bit older and can and it has been seen as an excellent choice for parents.

One thing that people often complain about is the preparation process. In the preparation of this formula, there are a lot of things that need to be put into consideration to ensure that the formula mixes properly and most parents do not have time for that. It is not a straightforward preparation process.


Giving your baby the best formula is always the right thing to do. If you are out shopping for the best baby formula, you must have these at the back of your mind.

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