How to Save Money When Shopping with Coupons

by Caitlin

A significant percentage of people have used coupons in one way or another. Their popularity has grown over the years as they are a fast and efficient way of cutting down on money spent on different products. Coupon sites such as have emerged to help customers get coupons, discount codes, and excellent deals to save money. The use of coupons requires a great understanding of how they work for a successful shopping spree, so we look at the dos and don’ts of couponing below.

a. What to Do When Couponing

Below are tips you need to apply to succeed in using coupons.

1. Know Where to Find the Coupons

Coupon collection is a challenging task, especially if you want to shop for several products. In the past years, most people collected coupons from newspapers, dumpsters, magazines, stores, and many other places. In recent years, some still practice this, but coupon websites have come up which offer a wide range of coupons to customers for use in specific stores. Like and SmartSource, some of these sites provide free services, and you can easily print the coupons for use later.

2. Know the Coupon Policy of Your Store

Coupon policies vary from one store to another; hence, the coupon accepted in one may be declined in the other. Before stacking up on your coupons, find out the policy used in the grocery store or retailer of your choice. Some have the information on their website or search online for related data. Examples of coupon policies include price matching, accepting double coupons and competitor coupons, and giving rainchecks. You may not know about them since they are not openly advertised, but they help you save your cash.

3. Organize Your Coupons

Staying organized makes the coupons easy to access and ensures you don’t forget any in your home or office. Use a coupon wallet to store them or transform them into digital coupons to keep them safe. An added advantage of organizing coupons is to have them in the correct order while giving the cashier. Have one with the lowest value at the top and let the rest follow. However, some stores don’t focus on the order as they are applied automatically.

b. What Not to Do When Couponing

1. Don’t Be Loyal to a Brand

Couponing requires no brand loyalty. Always go for the brand that’s on sale or is the cheapest. Most in-store brands are priced the lowest, and many retailers offer coupons for their brands. Since couponing is all about saving money, be ready to pass up better and high-quality brands for affordable and still convenient.

2. Avoid Buying Products Only Because They are on Sale

Good deals and sales can trick you into spending money or coupons on items you don’t need. Things end up expiring before you use them, and it beats the reason for couponing.

3. Don’t Wate Your Time

Look for coupons you know you’ll use only. Couponing is time-consuming, so don’t spend too much time clipping coupons that you end up throwing away.


Couponing is a process that requires constant learning. Using the tips above makes the process better and easier and helps you save a considerable amount of money. As a new couponer, you get comfortable with time and learn more tricks along the way.

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