How To Choose The Best Ice Chest Qualities

by Caitlin

Ice chests are tools used to keep foods and beverages ice cold. They are usually roomy to store a lot of food and are easy to use. They do not require any unique setup or tools. This post looks at wholesale ice chests and how wholesalers can acquire the best ice chest qualities. 

Features of the best ice cooler chests

The market is swarmed with a wide range of ice chests from various brands and companies. Each of them differs in functionality and construction. However, regardless of the multiple types; below are some elements that make the best ice cooler chests:

1. Insulation

Most, if not cooler chests, use foam insulation. However, it is worth mentioning that there are several types of foam insulations. While the different insulation types feature other elements and qualities, the most crucial aspect is how long the ice tray in the chest remains frozen.

The role of insulation is to make sure that the ice chest maintains its low temperature. The quality of the insulation will influence the amount of time the ice tray remains frozen. The most advanced ice chests or coolers use polyethylene foam.

This type is usually around 1.5 inches thick or more on each side. Some use extruded-polystyrene insulation. When choosing the best ice chests, it would be wise to look into insulation types and their qualities. This is a significant step if you want to get the best products.

2. Seal

The best ice chests or coolers usually feature a perfect seal. The seal’s role is to prevent any air exchange between the interior and exterior of the chest. Lack of a proper seal would lead to the destruction of the insulation value of the chest.

Therefore, the wiser thing to do when choosing wholesale coolers is to ensure that they have good quality seals. Avoid coolers with weal seals or weak sealing mechanisms. Ice chests using rubber gaskets are the best if you are looking for the best chest quality.

3. Drains

Ice is made of water; hence when it melts, it turns to water. Therefore, all ice chests tend to become wet inside after a while. When this happens, the only solution is to drain the product. For this reason, another incredible quality of the best ice chests is the availability of appropriate and effective drains.

The best ice chest should allow easy and convenient drainage from the exterior. The best drains for ice chests need to be highly durable as well. It should fit perfectly into the chest case body to be safe from accidental knocks and breaks.

4. Size

The size is also a significant determinant of the quality of an ice chest. Two factors determine the right ice chest size. The first one is the market to which you want to cater. For a wholesaler looking to sell to camping retail stores, you need ice chests that can fit in trucks or cars. However, the ice chests also need to have enough space to carry essential contents.


Another determinant of the quality of ice chests is the brand. Additionally, the handle types are also essential elements. The type of clients to whom you want to sell the coolers should also be at the top of your mind.

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