How to care for the white marble vanity top

by Caitlin
marble vanity top

White Marble vanity tops continue to gain popularity with most homeowners owing to its style and function.

However, as with all-white surfaces they need extra care and maintenance to keep their overall aesthetics. Unlike dark-colored marble tops, the white ones are susceptible to discoloration, stains, and dirt that easily show up. Such can quickly turn your bright and elegant bathroom into a dull one.

Therefore, taking good care of your newly installed white marble vanity top by protecting it from constant dirt and stains and long discoloration is imperative.

Below are a few tips to help you out.

Clean after Use

White marble vanity top easily shows up stains and dirt. Consequently, the most basic care you can give it is to always clean after use. Usually, when washing your face, brushing your teeth or applying your makeup soap, toothpaste foam and makeup residues will spill on the vanity top.

Leaving them there can stain your white top. Subsequently, clean your top after every use.

Wipe with a clean, smooth, and wet wiping cloth and clean water all the time. Unclean water will leave your white marble vanity top looking like mud has been sprinkled on it.

Always Keep the Top Dry

Liquids especially the colored ones are the biggest enemy to your white marble vanity top as it causes discoloration and stains. Generally, marble is porous and to keep its aesthetics you must ensure it remains dry always.

To work a way around it, place pieces of cloth on each side of the vanity sink before use. This will help absorb the water and other liquids that splash on the top’s surface leaving your vanity top dry. Also, avoid keeping creams and body lotions on top of your white marble vanity as they can spill.

Repair Broken Vanity Pipes

Leaking vanity pipes poses a serious threat to your white marble vanity top’s ability to retain its whiteness. To avoid this, install the vanity pipes such that when there is leaking the water does not come in close contact with the white vanity top.

If this happens you will start to notice your white marble top discolor by turning yellowish.

Keep Children Away

Take a white clean paper and give it to your kid to paint on it. The result will be a colorful mess. Well, that is what will happen when they play around or on your white marble vanity top. Since it is white, they can mistake it for a writing surface and start to write on it leaving stains all over.

Therefore, to preserve the elegant look and feel of your white marble vanity top and your all-white bathroom space, keep your small kids away.

Prevent Breakages

The discoloration of white marble is aided by cracks or dents on the surfaces. When your white marble vanity top cracks and chips off, dirt and water tend to penetrate through and react with the iron compounds in the marble if they are present.

When the two compounds come together oxidation process occurs resulting in its discoloration which will be more visible since it is white. Your white marble vanity top quickly turns old and dull. Therefore, keep heavy toiletries off the vanity top. If you must put them there ensure it is on a nice tray.


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