How to care for the Swiss voile lace fabric

by Caitlin
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The Swiss voile lace is a delicate, lightweight, semi-sheer and breathable fabric. The high-quality one will have a silky soft finish, slightly transparent, tight weave and crisp. The material is woven from cotton or cotton blend, and it is available in different colors and prints.

The Swiss voile lace fabric is best for making summer and spring apparel such as dresses, tops, and skirts. Due to its softness and lightweight, it is also used to make curtains and other home décor items.

The delicate nature of the fabric means that it needs to be looked after with a lot of care.

Here are the caring tips.

  1. Hand wash

Swiss voile lace fabric is delicate, and so it should be hand washed in cold water. Washing it in high temperatures can damage the fabric. Also, you should not clean it using a washing machine, especially if it is 100% cotton or it contains a blend of cotton with synthetic fibers.

To hand-wash, put 30 parts warm water and 1 part detergent in a basin. Soak the fabric for approximately 10 minutes. Wash and rinse until the water is clear. Wring it out gently or roll in a towel to remove excess water. This way, it won’t crease.

However, if the Swiss voile is 100% synthetic, it can be machine washed. Just make sure you use the delicate and hand wash cycles and at low temperatures.

If you decide to machine wash, first check the fabric care instructions. Remember, you can only do this for the 100% polyester Swiss voile lace. To wash, place the cloth in mesh was bags, fill the drum up to a third full, use the delicate cycle or hand wash with a maximum temperature of 300. Do not spin.

It would be best if you did not use any fabric softeners or bleach when cleaning,

  1. Drying

After rinsing, dry the Swiss voile lace fabric by hanging on the line to drip dry. Do not tumble dry because heat can damage the fabric.

  1. Ironing

It is not recommended to iron the Swiss voile fabric because the heat can damage the fibers. Now, if you had hung the fabric to dry, you wouldn’t need any ironing because it won’t have creases.

If your fabric has creases, hang it for a few days, and the creasing will disappear. The creasing depends on the composition of the material.

However, you can iron Swiss voile fabric that is 100% polyester. But you have to do it carefully. It would help if you ironed in the warm setting. If the creases are stubborn, place a damp barrier cloth on top.

If you must iron Swiss voile fabric that has natural fibers, you will need to place a barrier cloth and be extra careful when ironing. Otherwise, it is recommended that you avoid ironing the fabric.

  1. Regular Care

You must take care of your Swiss voile lace fabric regularly so that it can last long. Wash it often. Do not expose them to heat, whether it is in water or ironing because heat damages the fabric.

Check the instructions before cleaning the fabric. They will indicate how the material should be washed.

No matter how much care you give to it, you will realize that the matte finish on the fabric will fade with time because of washing and wear.

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