Hosting a Children’s Party with Inflatables: a Guide for Parents

by Caitlin

Inflatables are definitely a must-have for any outdoor children’s party these days if you want the party to be a hit. These inflatables come in different forms – tents, bounce houses, playgrounds, castles, slides, and even obstacle courses(Learn more from Kuoye Inflatables). Kids will definitely have fun and will not stop talking about the party for days.

But as a parent hosting the party, you need to know what it takes to set up an inflatable and the safety measures that must be practiced when using one. The last thing you need is to have a kid get hurt on your party.

  • How inflatables work

Inflatables are usually made out of vinyl-covered material. These inflatables stay up with the help of an inflator or blower that gives a continuous airflow by pumping air constantly into the inflatables. It is important that the inflatable will not have any rips, punctures, or tear since this will cause the air to escape and for the inflatable to collapse.

The inflator or blower is electrically powered so make sure that you have an extension cord for your outdoor party. Some inflatables call for the need for electrical leads to run it. Ask the inflatable supplier for the electrical requirements to be on the safe side. You also have to make sure that the power source is in an area where no one can accidentally trip on the cord and electric plugs that can cause the inflator or blower to stop pumping air.

The inflatables are grounded with the help of anchor points. These anchor points can be held down by ground stakes or ropes attached to sandbags and should always be set at ground level. These anchor points make sure that the wind will not go under the inflatable.

Some suppliers give the option of setting up the inflatable by yourself for small inflatables but for bigger ones, they will require that you also hire one of their staff to operate the inflatable and make sure it is set up well and that it is being used well. You do not only get someone to help you set up and pack up after but also you get someone to help you monitor the kids who use the inflatable.

  • Safety first

As the host of a children’s party, the safety of the kids must be your number one concern. Here is a list of safety tips that you should keep in mind when hosting a children’s party with inflatables:

  1. Set up the inflatable in a flat area. There should be no stones or potholes. If you are setting up the inflatable in a concrete area, make sure that you place mats underneath it.
  2. Do not push through with the inflatables if you have bad weather conditions such as rain, lightning, and strong winds.
  3. Have a booth by the entrance of the inflatables where kids can empty their pockets and leave their glasses and jewelry.
  4. It is advised to take off your shoes before going into an inflatable so in your invitation, specify that children need to wear socks. Shoes should be removed in case of kids accidentally kick each other as they bounce around the inflatable.
  5. Assign a family member or hire someone to be the inflatable supervisor. The supervisor can go in or out of the inflatable to make sure that there is no rough play among the kids inside. Give the supervisor a whistle or a megaphone to easily get the attention of the kids.
  6. Throughout the party, check on the anchor points from time to time to make sure that they have not been dislodged.
  7. Make sure that the kids going in the inflatable do not have food or drinks with them – even if it is just candy or gum.
  8. Respect the rated capacity. If the inflatable can only handle 10 kids then place a limit and explain to the kids that they have to enter in batches.
  9. If you notice that the inflator or blower stopped working or that you have a power outage, do not panic. Tell the supervisor to let the kids exit slowly. If you panic, the kids might panic as well. It is important that you and the supervisor remain calm. Wait until the inflatable is fully inflated before letting kids in again.

Inflatables are generally stable and safe but as the host, it is your responsibility to look after the kids. A party can make or break a kid’s reputation in school. One way to make sure that they are able to make good friends is to throw a good party for their classmates. And what better way to make a good impression than to entertain everyone with an impressive inflatable?

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