What to look for in a suitable home camera system

by Caitlin
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Most people work very hard to achieve good lives. With all the hard work comes great rewards. More than the rewards for hard work is the need for safety. Different forms of security are essential to human beings. They include emotional, financial, and physical security. Physical security is perhaps the top of the list. On top of physical security, a home camera system is the best way to go when looking to amp up the security in your home. A home security system features a series of cameras situated in different parts of your home and are all linked to one external source. In this post, we discuss the features to consider when choosing a good home camera system.

  • The maximum field of view

The field of view refers to the maximum angle range that is covered by the camera. The standard field of view for most cameras ranges between ninety to a hundred and forty degrees. When determining your best choice for a home camera, it is vital to consider the space that you want the camera to cover. If you are to get a camera that will cover a larger surface area, then you need to go for one with a broad field of view. On the other hand, if you want to monitor a single spot in the house like the bed where your baby sleeps, you can choose one with a narrower field of view.

  • Resolution

The rage of resolution for high-quality security cameras ranges between 400p and 1080p, with 1080p being the provider for better detail features. While most people would prefer for the images captured by the cameras to be as clear as those provided by 4K television sets, it is impossible to find a home security camera with this resolution. The reason why this is so is that that much of a resolution would take up too much space.

  • Storage options

The most effective security cameras in the market are those that record and save the data. For example, most security cameras, therefore, save the images that they record onto the cloud or locally. Local storage works in such a way that it stores the videos to a driver nearby. However, if the camera stays running and recording every single movement, the chances of storage getting filled up fast are 100%. Cloud storage would be a better option for solving the storage space issue. On the other hand, cloud storage does not come free of charge, as you have to pay a certain amount per month.

Other features worth considering include;

  • Resistance to water
  • Adjustability
  • Motion detection features
  • Performance in low light situations or night vision
  • The style
  • Source of power
  • Audio recording features

Take Away

Features like audio recordings are not standard for all types of home security cameras. They are common only in luxury brands that tend to cost more than the latter. Even more challenging to find are cameras that have two-way audio features. These cameras are convenient for users with kids or pets.

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