Five Tips for Grooming Your Dog at Home

by Caitlin

Grooming is one of the necessities for any dog owner that you can’t avoid. As a loving dog parent, you will want your dog to stay healthy, comfortable, and clean all the time. There are many accessories that you can get from knewpets to groom your dog. With time if your dog is not groomed, it is likely to develop dandruff, dirt, and a lot of dead hair. Read on to get tips on how to groom your dog at home without necessarily visiting a grooming expert.

Dog Coat Brushing

Brushing your dog not only helps your dog to be mat-free but also gets used to being handled. Brushing exercise, however, needs a lot of care, especially in sensitive areas. You need to ensure that you don’t hurt your dog while brushing. There different types of brushes you can use for this exercise.

Be careful to select the right brush for the activity. The type of brush you can go for depending on the purpose of brushing your dog or puppy. To remove pollen from your dog, need a slicker brush compared to removing mud; this might need a medium soft brush.

Hair Trimming

Trimming your dog’s air needs extreme caution. This is because you might want to trim very sensitive areas like the eyes and ears. Trimming around these areas can easily damage your dog if not carefully done. Excess hairs block your dog’s vision and even cause physical damage to your dog’s eyes.

Before shaving or trimming your dog, you need to calm it down first. You need to trim hairs in your dog’s ears carefully to ensure that your dog doesn’t get infections often. Trimming the ear hairs also improves the circulation of air in your dog’s ears.

Practice Nail Trimming for Your Dog

Long nails for your dog are not the best as they can cause injuries to your dog. For instance, if you take your dog for a walk on a tarmac road, long nails will promote friction and unnecessary heat to your dog’s legs. It is vital to adhere to safety procedures before trimming your dog’s nails. Long nails can act as a store for dirt and mud. It is important you note that it is very easy to hurt your dog if you have to shake hands.

Regular Skin Checks

Before grooming your dog or while grooming your dog, you need to examine its skin closely. Sometimes it is likely for your dog to have skin infections. Skin infections make the grooming of the dog very painful. Some infections cause irritations hence making the grooming exercise very painful for the dog. You might also need to check the dog’s ears as well.

Bathing Your Dog

Bathing your dog is a good thing but not recommended to be carried out too often. Often bathing your dog will make your dog have dry skin due to stripping the dog’s natural oils from the coat. Please note that some bad odors from your dog might not result from dirt but infections. Be careful on checking the sources of bad odour from your dog.

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