How To Select A Downlight For Your Use

by Caitlin
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Lighting is a very critical element in interior design. And when done right, the light can provide its users with a welcoming ambiance. One major popular fixture you can use to improve the look of your space or room is known as the downlight.

The type of lighting, in this case, is fitted in different areas but mostly in the ceiling. In this blog post, we shall look at the buying guide of a downlight, including how to choose the right downlights manufacturer. Let us delve into the key points, shall we?

Typically, downlights are known to be effective in improving the quality of lighting of any given space where it has been installed. These lights are often recessed into the ceiling. To understand this point in details, let us dive into what recessed lights are:

A recessed light refers to a fixture installed into a deep opening but in the ceiling. And when installed, the light will appear to have some shinning from the hole of the ceiling. It will then concentrate its light in a downward direction. Here, you will realize that it looks like a narrow spotlight.

Types Of Recessed Lighting

Canister light is a circular-like hole that has a cylindrical shape. It just looks like a canister as the name suggests. There are three different parts to a unique recessed lighting fixture. There is the trim, housing, and then the bulb. Typically, the trim refers to the visible part of the light. It also refers to the insert seen when you look into the fixture. It could be a thin lining found on the edge of the lighting. So, downlights, in this case, effectively play the role of improving the quality of light in different spaces where it has been installed.

Typically, downlights are slightly expensive compared to conventional lighting fixtures. They come with a few advantages. So if you are one of those individuals looking for a modern lighting bulb for your home, then owning a downlight is the preferred option for you at this moment. The lighting can be installed in any of your rooms in the ceiling. That way, it will not take an ample space in your room. 

Types Of Downlights

Before you think of purchasing a downlight, you need to understand that they are of different unique types.

Here are some of the leading brand types:

Fixed Downlights

Fixed downlights are directed downward. The degree of light projection highly depends on the angle you choose to direct the beam of light. Usually, this type of downlight is perfect for general use, where it illuminates the space.

Surface Mounted Downlights

Also abbreviated as SMD, this is one of the best options of recessed downlights. They are perfect for use when an individual cannot drill holes into the ceiling of the light. Surface-mounted downlights are also ideal when you aspire to have a lighting feature because it is installed lower than that ceiling height.


Just as a starting point, you need to place your downlight about 3 feet away from the wall. It would help if you also remembered to avoid creating different shadows to space the downlights in the entire room.

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